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Interior Plumbing Lines

Interior Plumbing Lines & Components warranty coverage 

Your interior plumbing lines and components are an integral part of your home, which you rely on every day. Malfunctions can cause significant stress, not to mention major costs, and most plumbing repairs require professional help. Rather than panicking when you discover a covered problem, you can simply place a service request online or call American Home Shield®.

If the covered Item can only be accessed through a concrete (including cinderblock) wall, floor, or ceiling, we will provide coverage for access to the covered Item and return such access opening to a rough finish, including any rerouting, up to $1,000.

Included with these plans

Shield Essential

Shield Plus

Shield Complete

Interior Plumbing Lines & Components warranty coverage details

Clearing of lateral drain line stoppages up to 100 feet from access point, including accessible cleanout, p-trap, drain, or overflow access points
Leaks or breakages of water, gas, drains, waste, or plumbing waste vent lines and pipes that occur within the covered home
All parts and components of valves
Permanently installed ground water only sump pumps, including the battery if used exclusively for the sump pump
Clearing of sink, bathtub, laundry and toilet stoppages
Clearings of stoppages of mainline drain or sewer system lines from existing access or clean-out without excavation up to 100 feet from access point
Not Covered:
Septic tanks
Stoppages caused by collapsed, damaged or broken drain, vent or sewer lines outside the covered home's main foundation
Flow restrictions in fresh water lines
Bathtubs, sinks, bidets, shower enclosures and base pans
Water softener/filtration/purification systems
Waterholding/storage tanks
Saunas/steam rooms
Fire suppression or interior sprinkler systems
Radon systems
Location of existing access cleanouts; installation of clean-outs; and/or any stoppage that can only be accessed via an inaccessible location
Stoppages due to roots, lines broken or infiltrated by roots, or otherwise stopped by roots, even if within the covered home

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all 3 of our real estate home warranty plans cover the parts of interior plumbing lines and components during your agreement term. Please see the plan agreement for more detailed coverage information, limitations and exclusions.

All 3 of our real estate home warranty plans include coverage for interior plumbing lines and components, including leaks and breaks of water, gas, waste, and vent lines, as well as drain line and sewer stoppages. We will also provide access to plumbing lines through unobstructed walls, ceilings, or floors, and will return access opening to a rough finish. Note that if plumbing is only accessible via a concrete floor, wall or ceiling, AHS will pay up to $1,000 per plan agreement term. Please see the coverage details on the page above or the plan agreement for more information on limitations and exclusions.


Our standard home warranty plan agreement term is 1 year. You can place your first service request once your plan becomes active on the day of closing.

If we can’t repair your covered interior plumbing lines and components, we’ll replace them subject to the limitations and exclusions in your plan agreement and remove the defective item.

Yes, we cover clearing of mainline drain stoppages through an accessible cleanout up to 100 ft from the access point. However, we do not cover costs to locate/access cleanouts that are not found/inaccessible. We also do not install cleanouts. See the plan agreement for full coverage details.

No, we are not responsible for any secondary incidental or consequential damage that results from a covered plumbing malfunction, including a service contractor’s delay to provide service. See the plan agreement for full coverage details.

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