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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner warranty coverage

Your air conditioner is an important system in your home, especially when outside temperatures rise. Even though air conditioners typically last 10 to 15 years, malfunctions can happen at any time. Having the right coverage makes it a lot easier to keep your HVAC system up and running. That's where we come in. Now when you discover a covered problem, you can simply place a service request online or call American Home Shield®.

The covered item limit is $15,000. However, the covered item limit for the following types of air conditioning systems is $2,000: glycol, hot water, or steam circulating heating system, any water heater which supplies heated water to such system(s), geothermal and/or water source heat pumps. For ShieldEssential and ShieldPlus, included in the covered item limit is a $10 per pound refrigerant limit. For ShieldComplete, we will cover all costs of refrigerant. If the Covered Item can only be accessed through a concrete (including cinder block) wall, floor, or ceiling, we will provide coverage for access to the covered item and return such access opening to a rough finish, including any rerouting, up to $1,000. 

Included with these plans

Shield Essential

Shield Plus

Shield Complete

Air Conditioner warranty coverage details

All parts and components of permanently installed air conditioning systems up to a 5-ton capacity, including condensation line of the following types:
Ducted central electric split and package units
Geothermal units
Evaporative coolers
Wall air conditioners
If repair or replacement is needed, we'll cover upgrades to maintain compatibility and/or compliance with SEER, HSPF, or refrigerant standards
Not covered:
Fuel storage tanks
All parts and components of geothermal systems located outside or under the covered home’s main foundation
Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
Ultraviolet lights
Window or portable air conditioning units
Water towers and chiller systems
Chillers and chiller components
Home purification systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all 3 of our real estate home warranty plan options cover parts and components of air conditioners up to $15,000 per unit during your 1-year plan agreement term. Please see the plan agreement for more detailed coverage information, limitations and exclusions.

All 3 of our real estate home warranty plans include coverage up to $15,000 per air conditioning unit for ducted central electric split and package units, mini-splits, wall air conditioners, and geothermal units (up to $2,000). They do not include coverage for window units, or outside or underground components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps. Please see the coverage details on the page above or the plan agreement for more information on limitations and exclusions.

Yes, all of our plans offer coverage for AC refrigerant. We cover up to $10/lb. with the ShieldEssential and  ShieldPlus℠ plans, while our ShieldComplete℠ plan includes unlimited refrigerant. This is an important home warranty plan benefit since refrigerant can be expensive.

If we can’t repair your covered air conditioning unit, we’ll replace it subject to your plan's limitations and exclusions.

Once your coverage begins (the day of closing) you can place a service request 24/7 online via MyAccount or call 1-888-691-2854 during standard business hours to request service.

It's an annual home warranty plan that helps with the cost and hassle when your home systems and appliances break down. Our real estate-specific plans are offered to both home buyers and sellers and coverage begins immediately. You will also get protection for things other home warranties might not cover, like old home systems and appliances, insufficient maintenance, improper installations or repairs, mismatched HVAC systems in certain circumstances, and more.

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