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Saltwater Pool & Built-in Spa Equipment

Saltwater Pool & Built-in Spa Equipment warranty coverage

Saltwater pools and built-in spa equipment are a luxurious addition to your outdoor space. Having the right coverage can make it a lot easier to keep them up and running. That's where we come in. When you add Pool & Built-in Spa Equipment coverage to your home warranty plan you can simply place a service request online or call American Home Shield.

American Home Shield will pay up to $3,000 per contract term for covered Saltwater Pool & Built-in Spa Equipment. Both pool and spa equipment are covered if they share equipment. If the pool and built-in spa do not share common equipment and have separate pump and filtration systems, then only one or the other is covered unless an additional fee is paid to cover both.

Available with these plans

Shield Essential

Shield Plus

Shield Complete

Saltwater Pool & Built-in Spa Equipment warranty coverage details

All above ground, accessible, and operationally necessary components and parts of the pool/spa heating, pumping and filtration system
Pump motor
Plumbing pipes and wiring
Saltwater cell and circuit board
Pool sweep motor and pump
Not Covered:
Underground components (including pipes and wiring), lights, liners, structural defects, jets, fountains, waterfalls and their pumping systems
Heat pump pool heaters or any other type of pool heater that is powered by anything other than electricity or gas
Pool cover and related equipment, fill line and fill valves
Fuel storage tanks; disposable filtration mediums; saltwater generators and components; heat pump
Self-contained portable spas
Built-in or detachable cleaning equipment including pool sweeps, pop-up heads, turbo valves, skimmers, chlorinators, and ionizers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, American Home Shield® members can purchase additional coverage for saltwater pool & built-in spa equipment, which includes all above ground, accessible, and operationally necessary parts and components of the heating, pumping, and filtration system when they purchase their American Home Shield warranty plan or within 60 days of becoming a member.

Saltwater pool and built-in spa equipment coverage includes the above-ground components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration systems including the pool sweep motor and pump, pump motor, plumbing pipes and wiring, and the saltwater cell and circuit board. To see specific coverage details, please review the page above or plan agreement.

Pool & built-in spa equipment coverage runs concurrently with your annual home warranty plan. When your home warranty plan expires, so does the pool & built-in spa coverage.

You can place your first service request once your coverage begins on the day of closing. Service requests can easily be placed 24/7 online via MyAccount or by calling 1-888-691-2854 during standard business hours to request service.

It's an annual home warranty plan that helps with the cost and hassle when parts of your home systems and appliances break down. Our real estate-specific plans are offered to both home buyers and sellers and coverage begins immediately. You will also get protection for things other home warranties might not cover, like old home systems and appliances, insufficient maintenance, improper installations or repairs, mismatched HVAC systems in certain circumstances, and more.

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