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Best home warranty in Mississippi

Homeowner in MS? Here’s why you should warranty.

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or a first-time home buyer in MS, a home warranty is a great way to protect your lifestyle, budget, and peace of mind. Signing up for a home warranty can give you assurance that your covered home systems and appliances will be repaired or replaced in the event of a breakdown. Now that’s something to celebrate. 

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What to look for in a home warranty in Mississippi

Make sure your coverage checks all the boxes

A lot can come with a home warranty plan. But as a resident in MS, you’ll want to make sure your plan covers these essential items:

Air conditioning

Air conditioning in the sweltering Southern summer heat is vital. AC systems work overtime in Mississippi—you need a home warranty company that is ready to help when covered breakdowns occur due to normal wear and tear and offers discounted HVAC tune-ups to ensure your system is in tip-top shape.

Pools & built-in spa equipment

Investing in a pool may be well worth it in Mississippi, where temps can reach the triple digits. Make sure you have home warranty coverage that protects your pool & built-in spa equipment to help keep it functioning so you can cool off all summer long.

Roof leak repairs

Mississippi gets its fair share of rain—about 56 inches per year on average. Precipitation and humidity can do a number on your roof’s shingles. Home warranty companies in Mississippi should offer roof leak repair coverage to help keep you dry.

Kitchen appliances

Excessive humidity can cause your refrigerator to work harder to keep food cold. This extra wear and tear mean that having home warranty coverage is vital to protecting your budget when covered kitchen appliances break down. American Home Shield® even covers duplicates of some items, like that extra fridge in the garage.

See Plans & Pricing

See the plan agreement for coverage detail, including service fees, limitations, and exclusions. Coverage limits and charges for non-covered items may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you are searching for the best home warranty company in Mississippi, look no further than American Home Shield. We have proven experience (over 50 years!) helping protect homeowners’ budgets from the cost to repair or replace covered home systems and appliances. Our more than 2 million members value our service and coverage. 

Home warranty costs in Mississippi depend on the square footage of your home, the plan you choose, your location, the amount you select for your service fee, and any additional coverage you select. To get an accurate look at how much your home warranty will cost, compare plans.

Purchasing a home warranty in Mississippi may not be a requirement; however, it is beneficial for your budget. A home warranty can help protect your budget from expensive, out-of-pocket repair costs of your covered home system and appliances.

You have a few options for home warranty coverage in Mississippi. To maintain the items you need for a functional house, choose the ShieldSilver™ plan, which covers parts of 14 home systems. To enjoy coverage for the things you use every day, select the ShieldGold™ plan, covering parts of up to 14 home systems, plus kitchen and laundry appliances. To get our highest level of coverage for just about everything, go with the ShieldPlatinum™ plan, which covers parts of 23 home systems and appliances, plus roof leak repairs, unlimited AC refrigerant, and a free HVAC tune-up.  

A home warranty in Mississippi is most often paid for by the homeowner. Though, if you are a homebuyer, you may be able to negotiate the cost of a home warranty into an offer on a house. Talk to your real estate agent to learn more.

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Home warranty plans

Plans designed with home life in mind

Home ownership can feel like two steps forward, one step back. That’s why we offer coverage for the systems and appliances you rely on most. Warranty now. Sigh of relief later.

Shield Silver

Cover the hardworking basics. ShieldSilver protects parts of 14 major systems to help keep your home running.

Shield Gold

If more coverage means less worries, ShieldGold is for you. Protects parts of 23 major systems and appliances in your home.

Shield Platinum

Total peace of mind feels good. ShieldPlatinum protects parts of 23 systems and appliances, includes roof leak repair coverage and other member perks.

Compare Plans & Coverage

See the plan agreement for coverage details, including service fees, limitations and exclusions. Coverage limits and charges for non-covered items may apply.