Where Will the Baby Boomers Live Next

Today’s retirees want to live in communities where they can relax and enjoy life, make new friends, stay active and explore new horizons. Learn what retirees desire in a home and a community in Real Estate Insider Magazine.

Where the action is.
Those in their late fifties and sixties prefer to be where the action is. Because taking care of a big suburban house with a yard involves lots of work, many retirees choose to move to the city. With shopping, museums and restaurants nearby, the city’s conveniences are desirable.

Pluses and minuses of the city.
City homes, like condos and apartments, are smaller and more manageable. With public transportation available, retirees may not need a car. The downside to this move is the higher prices of the properties.

Convenience is key.
It’s important to Baby Boomers to be near quality hospitals and healthcare facilities. It’s just as important that they be near grocery stores, drug stores, banks, recreational areas and fitness centers. Since many retirees want to continue learning, community universities and colleges are attractive as well.

Learn which 10 cities have been rated among the best for retirees in Real Estate Insider Magazine.

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