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Learn How To Write Feature Sheets That Sell

To make sure your writing stands out and does the best job describing a home’s highlights, here are some tips to make sure your words count.

Different from the MLS listing sheet, the feature sheet (or face sheet) is a vital selling tool that gives prospective buyers something to remember when they’re comparing homes and making deliberations. While it’s important that it feature quality photos, you also want to make sure your writing stands out and does the best job describing the home’s highlights. Here are some tips to make sure your words count.

See examples ofwell-done feature sheets.

1. Write for the buyer

Remember MLS information is written for real estate professionals like yourself. Your buyers don’t necessarily understand the industry jargon and abbreviations. So don’t simply copy and paste this data into your feature sheets. Translate it into buyer-friendly language.

2. Grab attention

One of the most important things you should spend time on is the headline. It should be catchy and encapsulate the standout features of the home in a few words. Some examples: “Open and bright contemporary ranch in convenient location” or “Beautifully restored Georgian on private lot.”

3. Highlight the best

Your headline can only say so much, so make sure you hit all the best features of the home hard in the copy. Emphasize the unique amenities like gourmet kitchens and oversized yards. Include all upgrades. Work in brand names for appliances and such when possible. And don’t forget less obvious features like pullout shelving in the pantry.

4. Clarify with captions

Instead of just displaying photos of rooms in the home, you should distinguish the rooms with captions that focus on their best features. For example: “State-of-the-art kitchen with new granite counters and stainless steel appliances.” That provides much more detail and information than simply “contemporary kitchen.”  

5. Draw a picture

Don’t just list features. Describe what it’s like to live in the home so buyers can see themselves there. “Relax after a long day in front of the great room fireplace.” “Take your coffee in the breakfast nook overlooking the beautifully landscaped backyard.” Can’t you imagine yourself enjoying these moments in the home?

6. Think outside of the box

Don’t forget about features outside of the home. Not just the yard, but the neighborhood and surrounding area. Is it on a quiet cul-de-sac? Is it within walking distance to the town’s main street where the parade goes by? Give a picture of what the location offers.

7. Request action

Think about what you want the buyer to do after looking at the feature sheet. Should they contact you? Visit the home’s website? Schedule a showing? Be clear and provide necessary contact information and links.

Another great feature to highlight when selling a home is an American Home Shield® Home Warranty, which helps protect the buyer’s budget from covered household breakdowns. It helps give the buyer one more incentive and added confidence when making a decision. Make sure you utilize your feature sheet everywhere. Hand it out to all potential buyers at showings and open houses. Have it available electronically for email and as a download from your listing site. Post and distribute it online via your social networks. The more you get the word out, the faster you can sell!


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