Five Ways to Vacation-Prep Your Home

While you’re getting ready to take that big summer trip, don’t forget to get your home ready too. Here’s how you can save money and avoid hassles.

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  • Push pause on your TV service.
    Some cable and satellite companies allow you to request a short-term vacation hold, saving you money.
  • Leave it clean.
    Ensure a perfect ending to your vacation by cleaning before you leave. Be sure to throw out any perishables in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid “vampire drain.”
    If it lights up, like the clock on the microwave or the standby indicator on the TV, it will waste energy (and money) while you’re gone. Save energy by unplugging all unused devices, and set your water heater to low too.
  • Pay bills in advance.
    Identify any bills that will be due during your trip and pay them ahead of time so you don’t get stung by late fees when you get home.
  • Hold your mail online.
    Instead of driving to the post office to put your mail delivery on hold, just visit It’s under the “Manage Your Mail” menu.