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Samsung Dishwasher Repair Near Me

Do your glasses come out dirty after a complete cycle? Are you seeing water leak from your dishwasher’s door? Has it been running a lot louder than usual? Samsung is known for making high-end, quality home appliances, like dishwashers. However, every appliance is due for servicing after years of use. Find out if we repair Samsung dishwashers in your area.


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Samsung Dishwasher Repair—Local, Same-Day Service You Can Rely On
  • Your Samsung dishwasher repair can start quickly with our high-quality, pre-vetted pros who boast an average rating of 4 stars.
  • Frontdoor Pro Pros complete thousands of Samsung dishwasher warranty repairs monthly.
  • Frontdoor Pro can get you fast, reliable repair on Samsung dishwashers with same-day or next-day visits.

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We Make Finding a Reliable Samsung Dishwasher Repair Expert Easy.

Frontdoor Pro teams with experts in fixing appliances, including Samsung dishwasher repair, which means you save time searching for highly rated professionals online or asking friends and family for recommendations. You can be confident your Samsung dishwasher repair will go smoothly when a Frontdoor Pro expert arrives.

Plus, our Frontdoor Pro™ teams use quality parts for every repair and ensure your Samsung dishwasher is correctly functioning before they leave. You’ll get more years of service from your dishwasher, saving you the expense of purchasing a new one.

Our Frontdoor Pro™ teams specialize in finding solutions to repair Samsung dishwashers like:

  • Cloudy glassware
  • Uncleaned dishes at the end of the cycle
  • Broken door latches
  • Defective water inlet solenoids
  • Leaky and cracked gaskets
  • Clogged drain lines
  • Control panel malfunctions
  • Samsung dishwasher pump repair
  • And more

Know Your Repair Cost Up Front—No Pressure and No Surprises.

If your dishwasher isn’t performing as it should, you need it fixed quickly, but you also need to know the exact repair cost, so you don’t get sticker shock when the bill arrives. That’s why Frontdoor Pro features flat fees and upfront rates, so you know exactly how much you’ll be charged. Simply schedule your appointment online, and select a two-hour window for your repair technician to arrive. Plus, you can track your contractor as they’re en route to your house, and you don’t pay until the job is complete.

Whether you have a top or front-controlled Samsung dishwasher, or an older model that isn’t sold anymore, we can help repair it with fast and reliable service when needed.

  • Having a dryer stop working with a large household family Is never good. I called Frontdoor Pro that evening. By mid morning next day technician had diagnosed the problem, had the part, and fix the dryer. Great turn around and service.
    David H., Dallas, TX
  • Your website makes it easy to schedule service. I love your same day appointments. Carlos and Carlos came on time and gave my dryer a quick diagnosis and estimate. They came back the next day on time and fixed it according to my expectations. I will definitely use Frontdoor Pro again.
    Laura R., Phoenix, AZ

Samsung Dishwasher Repair FAQ

The tines on your dishwasher rack can get rusted and break or leave spots on your dishes. To repair your rack, buy replacement dishwasher rack tips and vinyl repair paint. Next, use a rotary tool and cutoff wheel to remove the rusty tips from the rack. Finally, attach the replacement tips to the tines and apply the vinyl repair paint.
If your dishwasher leaks from the bottom, the most common cause is a clogged filter. Pull out the bottom rack and look for your filter (it’s usually in a back corner of the tub or near the spray arm). Once you find the filter, simply clean away any solid debris. To avoid future clogs, be sure to clean off solid pieces of food before placing dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
To repair a broken spring on the dishwasher door, first turn off power to the dishwasher and remove the front access panel and toe panel. Next, remove the cover on the junction box, disconnect the wires, and pull the dishwasher out from under the counter. Look for the door springs on the side of the dishwasher. Use pliers to remove the springs and replace them with new ones.

Even if one spring still has a lot of tension, it’s best to replace both springs. Once the springs are in place, reconnect your dishwasher, push it back under the counter, and reconnect the front access panel and toe panel.

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