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Appliance repair in West Bloomfield, Michigan

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3 average rating in West Bloomfield

Same-day appliance repair in West Bloomfield

  • Picture this: you're thirsty, so you head to the fridge for a cold glass of water. But when you open it, everything inside is lukewarm. American Home Shield ProConnect™ can help you and your perishables by putting you in touch with a local professional in West Bloomfield who can get your fridge back up and running in no time.
  • We do more jobs in West Bloomfield than in most other cities in Michigan. The most frequent service calls in your area are for refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, and if yours is not working, our knowledgeable pros can help
  • We'll find the most appropriate contractor for you. Simply tell us which appliance needs to be fixed and what the problem is.
  • With us, you never have to wait long for help to arrive. After you contact us, a professional will arrive at your door within a two-hour window.

We keep your devices in good shape throughout the year.

Throughout the summer and winter break, you will have to take extra care of your frequently used appliances, with kids spending more time at home and college students coming home from Lawrence Technological University and other schools.

Whether everyone wants a cool snack from the fridge after a long day at Modern Campground or you're washing and drying all the clothes and towels from a weekend of camping, your appliances have their work out for them.

It's essential to keep an eye on your appliance performance throughout the year, but some seasons may be more challenging than others. 91-degree summers and 17-degree winters can cause additional strain on appliances, while spring and fall temperatures of 50 and 57, respectively, can play their part as well.

We find appliance repair professionals to help fix the issue so your most relied-on aren’t causing problems for long.

ProConnect makes it easy to find appliance repair service in West Bloomfield.

Ranked #9 for the state of Michigan, appliance repair services in West Bloomfield typically cost around $103.17 per call. However, the number of service calls needed for different types of appliances can vary. For example, more service calls are generally needed for refrigerators and dishwashers than washers.

With an average rating of 4.33 stars, you can expect excellent work from our professionals in your area. No need to drive 3.5 miles to your local The Home Depot. Just give us a call.

The popular we work with most often in West Bloomfield are General Electric, Kenmore, and Whirlpool. Our local repair people are experienced servicing the frequent difficulties of these brands, along with common fix-it needs of various appliance types in your house.
  • The technician was professional and very efficient.
    Betty Z., West Bloomfield
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Upfront pricing. No surprises. Don't pay until the job is complete.

Get your cost up front. There’s no pressure and no surprises.

With ProConnect's upfront pricing, you understand precisely the rate you will be charged for repairs in West Bloomfield before they start.

Even better, you don’t pay a penny until the work is done—and all repairs are part of by the *ProConnect Guarantee*.

We're standing by, ready to serve you.

Save with a home warranty.

If one of your covered items breaks and can't be fixed, we will help you find a new one.

American Home Shield Home Warranties are meant for homeowners who want to have their appliances functioning throughout the year. They're not insurance, they are a year-long service agreement in place to help with the price of repairing your devices.

Home Warranties Start As Low As

per month
On average, home warranty plans cost from $500 to $700 per year. Our plans begin as low asper month.
Adjust Your Trade Service Call Fee to Pay Less Per Service Call or to Lower Your Monthly Payments
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Average Cost to Repair Without a Home Warranty in West Bloomfield, MI

Repair/replacement cost ranges are the twentieth and eightieth percentile of U.S. costs as reported in A Study of Homeowners’ Appliance and Home Systems Service Experiences, a nationwide survey of homeowners conducted in 2019 by ClearVantage for American Home Shield. Further reproduction or use is expressly prohibited.

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Appliance repair in West Bloomfield FAQ

The average appliance repair cost in West Bloomfield is $103.17, but the actual cost will depend on the brand and type of the appliance.
Our washer repairs in West Bloomfield end up costing between $100 and $200. Depending on the model, a new washer can cost as much as $2,000, depending on make and model. Kenmore washers and dryers are the most popular repairs in Abingdon, followed by Frigidaire, Samsung, and LG.
Leaks are the most common issues with water heaters and are often the result of corrosion in the tank or loose couplings at the water inlet and outlet. Households in Abingdon typically have to repair their Kenmore water heaters more often than other models, with new water heaters costing between $1,000 and $3,000.
In West Bloomfield, the average cost to repair a fridge is $139.00. New models run an average of between $1,000 and $2,000, so it's worth diagnosing the problem before choosing to replace. Additionally, it's important to note that Kenmore refrigerators are the most frequently serviced brand in Abington.

Stand-alone fridges last for around 12 years, while built-in refrigerators are more expansive and last much longer. If you have a stand-alone refrigerator around 12 years old and needs attention, it might be worth getting a replacement rather than fixing it. Kenmore is the most frequently serviced refrigerator brand in Abington.
If you live in West Bloomfield, your refrigerator may be the likeliest to break down. We get more service calls for General Electric refrigerators than any other type of appliance, followed by Kenmore dishwashers and Whirlpool washing machines. The age of your appliance can help you determine if you should replace it or seek repairs.

From General Electric fridges to Kenmore dishwashers, a few easy actions can help extend the lifespan of your appliance. Whether your appliance is new or you've had it for a while, read through the manual, watch a tutorial, or get professional advice to know how to best clean each appliance. It's also smart to keep track of when to repair rather than replace. Don't assume your breaking down appliance is past saving. Save yourself the expense of a brand-new appliance by properly cleaning and caring for your appliances.

You can make the right decision whether to repair or replace an appliance with the right coverage in West Bloomfield. American Home Shield® members can rest easy knowing their appliances will be protected at any age. Our home service plans cover appliances like fridges, dishwashers, and washing machines—no maintenance records or home inspections required. And if we can’t repair a covered item, we’ll replace it.
A new appliance like a dryer can cost anywhere between $300 to nearly $2,000, while our average price for dryer repair in West Bloomfield is $125.95, so it’s usually cheaper to have your dryer repaired.

It's important to diagnose the problem before deciding to take repairs on yourself. Dryers can experience a range of issues—from not starting properly to the drum not turning. It may be that your dryer is taking much too long or that it gets too hot. Find the source of the problem before you try to repair it. If you are curious about professional services, our average dryer repair cost is $125.95 on average in West Bloomfield.

Most dryers function the same, but higher-end models may have additional capabilities. The basic functions of a dryer include: A motor with pulleys and belts turn the drum. Gas- or electric-heated air blows through the device to dry your clothing. Timed thermostats control heat and speed. Dryers usually have a door and activating switch that will keep the dryer from starting if not closed properly. Sometimes the dryer needs to cool for a few minutes before it’s functional again. If you are having trouble diagnosing the issue with your dryer or locating the malfunctioning part, it may be time to contact a dryer repair professional in West Bloomfield, where the average cost to repair your dryer is $125.95.

When breakdowns happen, we can help.