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Appliance repair in Fresh Meadows, New York

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3.7 average rating in Fresh Meadows

Same-day appliance repair in Fresh Meadows

  • Your dishwasher is one of the busiest appliances in your home, so when it starts malfunctioning, you need a professional to closely look at and repair it. Frontdoor Pro can connect you with a local, qualified service professional in Fresh Meadows who will get your appliance running properly again quickly.
  • Let us choose the perfect pro for you. Just tell us what appliance needs to be fixed and what the problem seems to be.
  • Our contractor will arrive at your home within the two-hour time frame you have requested, so your appliance can be repaired as soon as possible.

Be certain your appliances are in working order all year-round.

Winter and summer vacation can put additional strain on your burdens, with your kids out of school and spending more time at home and university students returning home from St John'S University-New York and other universities.

Summer fun such as taking the family to Summer at Kew Forest! or going for a swim help you escape the hot, sticky weather, but devices, like your washing machine, also need to be prepared for additional work after fall and spring hiking trips.

Your home is where you relax, but it’s also a machine. The appliances in your house work hard all year, but seasonal changes can put more strain on them. Refrigerators may get more use in Fresh Meadows's 93-degree summer high temperatures, as thirsty or snack-prone kids and college students return home. Ovens and stoves, on the other hand, see more action in winter and over the holidays, when temps can sink to average lows of 28 degrees.

No matter what time of year it is, it's always a good idea to get your appliances checked out by a professional. Regular maintenance can help improve the life of your appliances and prevent costly repairs down the line. And when it comes to appliances, it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you're in need of appliance repair or service in Fresh Meadows, give us a call today. We're here to help keep your appliances running smoothly all year long.

Appliance repair service in Fresh Meadows done right.

With Frontdoor Pro's professional appliance repair, you can skip a trip to the nearest Home Depot to search for the tools and parts to fix your device. Just choose the appliance you want to repair and ask for a pro to come to your house in Fresh Meadows.

Frontdoor Pro professionals have been awarded an average rating of 4.33 stars for jobs in the city, so you can be certain that they will do the repairs well. No need to drive 2.06 miles to your local The Home Depot. Just get in touch with us.
  • Sham was great and fixed my machine! Thank you for the amazing service.
    Catherine I., Fresh Meadows
  • The technician was so patient and educated me on the possible causes and how to prevent the same problem in the future. He was very careful in dismantling the parts.
    Marites G., Fresh Meadows

We're standing by, ready to serve you.

A home warranty protects your budget and your appliances.

If one of your items is damaged and cannot be repaired, we will help you find a replacement.

The Home Warranty is available for people who want to ensure that their appliances work all year long. They're not insurance, rather a year-long service agreement to help you cover the expense of repairing your appliances.

Home Warranties Start As Low As

per month
On average, home warranty plans cost from $500 to $700 per year. Our plans begin as low asper month.
Adjust Your Trade Service Call Fee to Pay Less Per Service Call or to Lower Your Monthly Payments
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Average Cost to Repair Without a Home Warranty in Fresh Meadows, NY

Repair/replacement cost ranges are the twentieth and eightieth percentile of U.S. costs as reported in A Study of Homeowners’ Appliance and Home Systems Service Experiences, a nationwide survey of homeowners conducted in 2019 by ClearVantage for . Further reproduction or use is expressly prohibited.

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Appliance repair in Fresh Meadows FAQ

The average appliance repair cost in Fresh Meadows is $161.04, but the actual cost will depend on the brand and type of your broken appliance.
A new washing machine could cost $2,000 or more. Washing machine repair in Fresh Meadows will cost around $438, so it is most likely more cost effective to have a washer fixed. Kenmore appliances are the most frequent repairs in Abingdon, followed by Frigidaire, Samsung, and LG.
The typical problem with water heaters is leaking. As the heater ages, water can cause tiny cracks the tank. If the tank leaks near the water outlet or inlet, you might be able to tighten the connections to stop the leak. In the Abingdon area, Kenmore water heaters are the most frequently repaired new water heaters generally cost between $1,000 and $3,000.
The cost of repairing a fridge in Fresh Meadows is usually between $100 and $200, while the price of a new refrigerator is between $1,000 and $2,000. Additionally, it's important to note that Kenmore refrigerators are the most frequently serviced brand in Abington.

Built-in refrigerators are more expensive to replace than stand-alone models and last longer. Stand-alone fridges typically last for nearly 12 years, so if your fridge is close to that age and is experiencing an issue, it might be better to get a replacement. Kenmore refrigerators are the most common brand serviced in the Abington area.
You may find it easy to diagnose and fix your dryer on your own. A dryer might malfunction for multiple reasons, so finding the right source and area is an important first step. Dryers can experience problems from not stopping or starting to overheating or taking too long to complete a cycle. For dryer repair beyond what you want to attempt, many repair pros in Fresh Meadows's are ready for the job.

It's easier to locate the problem if you understand the basics: Most dryers run on a motor that uses pulleys and belts turn the drum. Air that's gas- or electric-heated is pushed through the drum. Timed thermostats control heat and speed. Many if not most dryers also have a restart button that can get things running if the issue is not part of the motor, switches, or electrical system. If you are having trouble diagnosing the issue, it may be time to contact a dryer repair professional in Fresh Meadows.

When breakdowns happen, we can help.

New Jersey Residents: The product being offered is a service contract and is separate and distinct from any product or service warranty which may be provided by the home builder or manufacturer.