• To adjust the level of your washing machine, turn the legs clockwise to lower them or counter-clockwise to raise them.
  • Inspect cold and hot water supply hoses for cracks and deterioration.

Washer Quick Fixes

Problem: Washing machine does not operate.

  • Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breaker.
  • Open the water shut-off valves.

Problem: Washing machine does not fill with water.

  • Check and clean the hot and cold inlet hose filters.
  • Straighten the water supply hoses.
  • Turn the timer slightly or press the buttons firmly.

Problem: Waster does not stop filling the tub.

  • Check the overflow switch and replace it.
  • Check the timer and replace it.
  • Call a qualified professional.

Problem: Tub fills with water but the machine does not run.

  • Make sure the lid is closed. If it is, ensure switch is fully depressed.
  • Lighten the load and wait 15 minutes for the motor to reset.