Rising refrigerant costs: a nationwide concern

If you’ve priced refrigerant lately, you probably know that it may cost you more to stay cool this summer. This is because the Environmental Protection Agency is requiring that manufacturers phase out the production of the most commonly used type of refrigerant in home air conditioning and heat pump systems; this refrigerant is known as R-22 and is marketed under several brand names, including Freon®. 

Refrigerant prices have risen dramatically nationwide, as the industry begins to transition to 410A refrigerant as required by the EPA and supplies of R22 refrigerant become more limited. Technicians commonly add 1-2 pounds of refrigerant even on routine service calls; more complicated repairs or replacements can require 8-10 pounds of refrigerant. And, it is likely that refrigerant costs will continue to rise as the industry transitions to alternative products that are not compatible with most of the air conditioning units in homes today.

Understanding your refrigerant coverage

At American Home Shield, we work hard to keep our plans affordable, and to offer some of the best coverage available. Unfortunately, it is not possible to absorb the rise in refrigerant costs that the market is experiencing without increasing overall pricing. Rather than do that, we have instead revised our refrigerant coverage to limit the impact to only those specific customers who require refrigerant.

Coverage limit: All new or recently renewed contracts include a $10 per pound limit on refrigerant. (NOTE: The effective date of this contract change varies by plan and sales channel. Please refer to your contract to determine if you are affected by this change.)

About your service experience: A professional contractor will inspect your unit to determine the cause of the breakdown and what is needed to restore it to working order. As always, prior to any work being done, you will be advised what (if any) non-covered charges are due and payable to the contractor along with your trade service call fee. If refrigerant must be added and the coverage limit applies, AHS will cover the first $10 for each pound of refrigerant and you will be responsible for the remainder.

Cost management: We are monitoring trends in refrigerant costs across the nation and are actively working with our contractor network to obtain fair pricing for you.

Trust the proven value of AHS Home Protection Plans

American Home Shield accepts and pays out more claims than any other home warranty company in the nation. Your AHS Home Protection Plan provides you with many valuable benefits, such as:

  • Access to the nation’s largest network of independent, pre-screened contractors
  • Protection from costly unexpected expenses. Without it, you would pay retail rates for repairs and replacements that today are covered under your plan.

Household Item Replacement Costs*
Clothes Dryer $646
Clothes Washer $571
Refrigerator $1,088
Water Heater $767

*As reported in the survey A Study of Homeowners' Appliance and Home System Service Experiences, Decision Analyst (2011) and reprinted with their written permission. Further reproduction is expressly prohibited.

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Want to know more about the refrigerant phase-out?

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website to find out more go here.

Interested in upgrading to a high-efficiency 410A system?

Ask your contractor about what’s right for your home. You may qualify for a federal tax credit of $300 or more by upgrading to a new Energy Star System. Go to energystar.gov and enter "federal tax credit" in the search field.