ShieldPlatinum™ Plan

ShieldPlatinum™ Plan

is our most comprehensive coverage for parts of systems, appliances, roof leaks, and more.
With the ShieldPlatinum plan, you get coverage for just about everything: key parts of 23 major home systems and appliances, including heating and cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems; kitchen and laundry appliances; plus premium features, like roof leak repair and a free annual HVAC tune-up.
No Systems Limit
Unlimited refrigerant
$6,000 per Appliance
$1,500 Roof Leak Repair limit
$1,000 coverage for code violations, permits & modifications


Check out what else is covered in our ShieldPlatinum™ Plan
Add-On Coverage
All add-ons require the purchase of one of our base plans above.
Electronics Protection Plan
Protect an unlimited number of new and used devices like TVs, laptops and more.
Pool or Spa
Covers components of one heating, pumping, and filtration system.
Home Warranty Membership Coverage - Father & Daughter in their Home


All home warranties are not created equal. Our Shield Assurances are always included, even in our base plans. This means you’ll get protection for:
Older items, no matter their age
Undetectable pre-existing conditions
Items without maintenance records
Breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance
Improper installations, repairs or modifications
Malfunctions due to sediment, rust or corrosion
Removal of old, defective items
Duplicates of the same item, like that extra A/C unit
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