Showing Homes with Pets

Whether your client is buying or selling, here are some helpful tips for staging or showing a home where pets live.

If your client is a seller:

Get the pets out, if possible.
The safest way to protect pets and provide the best experience for buyers is to get the pets out during showings. Suggest that clients leave their pets with a sitter for the day, or take them to a park for the afternoon.

If the pets have to stay at home, secure them.
If a last-minute showing pops up and there’s no time to find a sitter, advise clients to secure pets inside the home. They could put a kennel in the garage, basement or spare bedroom, and have them leave a note on the door. If possible, notify the buyer’s agent in advance.

Clean. Deodorize. Repeat.
Pet smells and fur-covered floors are a major turnoff for most buyers. Sellers with pets need to be extra vigilant about vacuuming and keeping the air fresh—every day—so they’re prepared for any surprise showings.

If your client is a buyer:

Ask about a buyer’s pets.
Understanding a buyer’s needs can help you target your recommendations. For example, buyers with dogs might appreciate a fenced-in yard or prefer a home near a dog park or an open space.

Ask about allergies.
Pet dander can remain in air ducts and carpeting long after pets move out. A home where pets have lived may not be right for a buyer with allergies. Ask clients if anyone in their family is allergic before showing a home where pets live.

Be cautious.
When showing a home while a pet is on the premises, use caution when opening doors and entering rooms in case the seller hasn’t properly secured the pet. A surprised pet may try to run outside or behave aggressively.

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