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Average number of gallons used per resident per day
301 Gallons
Worst Score:
Westlake Village
83.79 Gallons
Laguna Beach
47.5 Gallons
Best Score:
Santa Ana

Laguna Beach
Water Conservation Guide

Ranked #66 in California's
South Coast Water Region
80% of the city's water comes from reservoirs in Northern California & the Colorado River
90,912,549 gallons
Laguna Beach uses 90 million gallons of water per month.
In 2015, the water consumption rate decreased by 18.2% compared to 2014. This reduction saved Laguna Beach more than 20,202,788 gallons of water.
As of March 2015, Laguna Beach is tasked with reducing water consumption by another...
55% of all water consumed in Laguna Beach is used by residential customers.
The other 45% is used by commerce/agriculture and city needs.
Laguna Beach consumes just 0.03% of California's water resources, with each resident consuming an average of 30,583.35 gallons of water per year.
Laguna Beach
Top 10 Drought Tips
Follow these easy tips to save 28,000+ gallons per year per person.
A point-of-use tankless water heater can save thousands of gallons of water by cutting down on "warm up" time.
Savings: 1,000s gallons
Use a low flow showerhead to save 15 gallons of water during a 10 minute shower.
Savings: Over 5,000 gallons / year
Upgrade to a high-efficiency WaterSense® toilet and save 1,200 gallons of water a year.
Savings: Up to 1,200 gallons / year
Install low flow aerators on your faucets and cut your water usage by 40%!
Savings: Up to 40%
Save 5,000 gallons of water a year by using Energy Star dishwashers rather than washing dishes by hand.
Savings: 5,000 gallons / year
Fix leaks under your home, in your kitchen, and in your bathroom to save up to 2,500 gallons.
Savings: Up to 2,500 gallons / year
When doing laundry, make sure you match the settings on your machine to match the size of the load to save 1,300 gallons a year.
Savings: Up to 1,300 gallons / year
Use a sponge and a bucket to wash your car rather than a running hose.
Savings: Average 840 gallons / year
Replace your lawn's grass with drought resistant plants. Check to see if you are eligible for rebates at dwp.lacounty.gov and sandiego.gov
Savings: 2,500 gallons / year
Install a pool cover to prevent losing as much as a quarter inch of water a day to evaporation.
Savings: 8,000 gallons / year
The water usage data was sourced from the California State Water Resources Control Board dated May 5, 2015, which can be found here (WRCB Report). The ProConnect Ranking and the ProConnect Grade are based on the average water usage per resident per day in the South Coast Hydrologic Region as shown in the WRCB Report. The ProConnect Ranking is just a straight numerical ranking, with the city with the lowest average water usage per resident per day being ranked #1. The ProConnect Grade is calculated as follows: the top 20% of the cities were given an A (meaning those cities had the lowest average water usage per resident per day), a B for cities between 40% and 20%, a C for cities between 60% and 40%, a D for cities between 80% and 60% and an F for cities 20% or below. The information contained in the infographic is for general information purposes only. While the infographic is provided by ProConnect, ProConnect makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or accuracy of the data provided by The California State Water Resources Control Board.
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Jessica W.
I am not surprised that Beverly Hills received and F, but was very surprised that Westlake Village is such a water hog. I hope pages like this will help to shed light on the california drought and maybe spur some folks and cities for that matter to further reduce water usage. BTW, I love the hidden little game with the sheep.
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