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SERVIZ™ Customer FAQs

I have a job that is still pending, what will happen to that work?
Your job will continue uninterrupted, but we will now be operating as ProConnect.
Will my SERVIZ™ Consumer Protection Plan still apply?
Yes, the 30-day guarantee still applies to all your jobs.
How will this new brand impact the service I receive in the future?
We are growing bigger and better. You will soon have access to even more services as we expand our offerings.
What number do I call, or email do I send to, to get support?
Our number is still (866) 579-0405, but our email is
Why did SERVIZ™ change its name?

The Serviz vision of trustworthy, on demand home repair was a hit from the beginning. Today, we're bringing that vision to more homes than ever via American Home Shield ProConnect™ - giving you the industry-leading expertise of American Home Shield.®

How will my experience be different if I book another repair job?
Your experience will be very similar. ProConnect offers the same great services with trusted service professionals, just with a new name. We think you will be really pleased with the new ProConnect experience.
I already have an estimate from SERVIZ, but I haven't accepted the estimate yet-what will happen next? Do I need to have another estimate prepared?
If you have an open estimate with Serviz, it will be valid for 30 days after the date it was provided to you. ProConnect will honor those estimates.
I have an open SERVIZ™ request - what will happen next? Do I have to work with a new technician to complete my job?
Open requests with ProConnect will not be impacted. Your job will still be handled by a ProConnect Pro, just under our new name ProConnect.
I have a credit card on file. Will that be removed?
No, your card on file should still work. If you have any problems, or would like to update your credit card, call us at: 866-579-0405.
Will you keep a record of all my old transactions?
Yes, all your old transactions are still available. Please email if you need to request access.
Can I still book a job through the SERVIZ™ iPhone or Android App?

Unfortunately, you can't at the moment; but don't worry, we are hard at work on new ProConnect versions.

Are the prices changing?
No, our pricing will stay the same.
Can I still receive the promotional offers via email?
Absolutely. While the structure of those offers may change slightly, you will definitely still be receiving promotions from ProConnect.
What happens to the SERVIZ™ Credits I have on my account?
Your credits will remain intact as long as they have not expired.
I have certain URLs bookmarked for SERVIZ™ will they still work? URLs will be redirected to the appropriate page on
Can I get a printout/copy of all my old invoices with SERVIZ™?
These should be available in your inbox as we send you a digital copy for each of your jobs.