Save big with the AHS® Appliance Discount Program

As an AHS customer you're free to enjoy exclusive discounts on many of the industry's best brand name appliances. With no limit to how often or how many you can buy, some of the main benefits include:

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smart phone icon
Cook easier with a smartphone enabled oven that lets you preheat, check time and check probe temperatures, all from your phone.
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Fill a glass with the hands-free refrigerator water dispenser or make a cup of tea with the refrigerator hot water dispenser.
 washing machine icon
Dry your clothes without the dryer with the overnight dry function on the clothes washer.
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Forget measuring detergent each time, high-capacity washer detergent reservoirs hold enough detergent for two-months’ use.
stained t-shirt
Fight stains better with a washer equipped with improved stain removal and steam assisted cleaning.

*According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2013 Home Features Survey.

AHS Appliance Discount Program is available to current AHS Home Warranty customers. To qualify for the AHS Appliance Discount Program, you must have a valid contract number. The Appliance Discount Program is not available in Hawaii. Available for consumer use only.