What is the Best Home Warranty Company?

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Home Warranty by American Home Shield®


#1 Home Warranty Company with more than 2 Million Members

Finding the best home warranty coverage can feel overwhelming, but as a confident homeowner, you know your humble abode better than anyone. You want the best home warranty service out there to fulfill your house’s unique needs and protect your hard-earned investment. How do you determine which home warranty is best?

Here are some tips on how to find the right home warranty company for you.

Make a List

When shopping for the best home warranty plans, a wise first step is to figure out exactly what coverage your appliances and systems need. Take some time to walk through your house and check on the status of your systems and appliances. Take note of any strange noises, smells, or leaks. It’s also a good idea to note the age of each appliance. Here are some home systems and appliances you should inspect:

●  HVAC system

●  Water heater

●  Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs

●  Kitchen appliances

●  Electrical systems like your built-in fans, circuit breakers, doorbells, and garage door openers

●  Washer and dryer

●  Your roof

●  Well pumps (signs of a bad well pump can include clicking noises, spitting faucets, and water temperature fluctuations)

●  Septic pumps (signs of a bad septic pump include unpleasant odor, slow drains, puddles of water around the septic tank, and sewage backup)

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an appliance or system break down without a home warranty. Inspecting the items in your home is essential to determining the best home warranty coverage.

Research Home Warranty Companies (and the Fine Print)

 So what is the best home warranty company? After inspecting your home, it’s time to dig in and find the best warranty company in your state. Some home warranty companies like Liberty Home Guard and Choice Home Warranty may have plans with good coverage, but these companies are not available in populous states like California. If you’re looking for the best warranty in California or another state like Hawaii or Alaska, make sure the company can service your home before digging too deep into research.

It also pays to read the fine print. Most home warranty companies offer plans with varying coverage and costs, but make sure they cover what you need. Some companies provide one plan for appliances and a separate plan for systems, forcing you to purchase the higher-priced plan to cover a mix of both.

Watch those coverage caps. Make sure you know the dollar amount cap of every type of coverage. For example, if your roof was on the red flag list during your home walk-through and your home warranty company only covers up to $500, that amount may not stretch as far as you need it to. Make sure you comb over the contract and understand the price of service call fees. Some companies like to bury it deep in the technical jargon and hope you don’t notice.

American Home Shield is transparent about coverage caps and offers some of the best home warranty service plans. Our ShieldPlatinum™ plan covers 23 essential systems and appliances, roof leak repair, and a free HVAC tune-up. Our other plans offer a mix of coverage for both appliances and home systems. You also can add coverage to any of the plans for things like your pool, guest unit, and well and septic pumps.

American Home Shield is available in a whopping 49 states, and we have more than 17,000 qualified contractors in our network. We’ve been in business for 50 years, making us one of the most experienced and best home warranty companies on the market. Here are a few of our awards, if we may humble brag for a moment:[KC1] 

1. Top Rated company at the Home Warranty Awards

2. America's most recommended home warranty company by Women's Choice Awards

3. Best overall home warranty provider by Consumer Affairs

4. Best Home Warranty Company by This Old House

5. Best Home Warranty Coverage Options by Investopedia

6. Best Home Warranty Plan Selection by The balance

7. Best Home Warranty Customization by Rocket Mortgage

8. Best Customizable Home Warranty Plans by

Our biggest accomplishment to date is knowing that our 1.8 million members know we have their back with both home warranty coverage and maintenance services. We don’t believe in checking maintenance records or doing inspections. Our job is to cover your household and protect your budget, and that’s what we do.

Shop plans to find the best home warranty coverage for your home.

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