Home Warranties Explained

Don't let a malfunctioning well pump halt your home water supply. Because well pumps are key to your home’s everyday activities, they need protection from a home warranty plan. Contact AHS when your well pump malfunctions and our team will connect you to a qualified, professional service contractor who will diagnose your malfunction. This visit will require a Trade Service Call Fee, as outlined in your contract. Additional charges may apply depending on the necessary repair. Shortly thereafter, you will enjoy an expert repair or replacement of your failing well pump.

Your well pump is subject to a number of potential malfunctions. Even though this pump can last for 10 years or more, the occasional breakdown can occur. When issues arise, don't worry about the hassle of finding a skilled contractor or paying for the repair. Instead, turn to your AHS Home Warranty to troubleshoot your well pump malfunction.

Compare Home Warranty Plans with Home Well Pump Coverage

Coverage for your home well pump is available through all four AHS Home Warranties. You can add the option for well pump coverage to any of the following plans:

What's Covered in a Home Warranty with Well Pump Coverage?

When your well pump is used as the source of your home's water, your home warranty covers most parts and components of the pump. During your contract term, AHS will pay up to $1,500 for the access, diagnosis, and repair or replacement of your well pump. You will be responsible for any expenses beyond $1,500.

Some exclusions apply to the well pump warranty coverage. The following parts and components are not covered.

Help protect your home well pump with reliable warranty coverage from AHS.

Suggested Plan For You

With a Home Systems Warranty Plan, you will be covered for the replacement or repair of the components of many key home systems, including well pump, if added to your plan. Get Quote