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Homeowners across the country love American Home Shield Home Warranties for the savings, convenience, and professionalism.

"One of the nice things about having American Home Shield is rather than having multiple service warranty on every single appliance in my home, I just have one, and that one gives me peace of mind."

– Patricia
American Home Shield Customer Since 2009

Fred & Shanae Murray
AHS Customer
Jennifer Robertson
Real Estate Professional
Roger Hughes

Customer Reviews

"I used the chat feature on the site to ask specific questions I needed answers to and received excellent information that help me determine what coverage I needed and wanted. This made my decision easy over Total Home which is a direct competitor of American Home Shield."

– kelving

"Excellent company. We have done business with them about 25 years at 3 different homes. Always prompt service. Easy to contact if any questions. Able to purchase appliances through AHS at a good price. Highly recommend."

– cliffordw

"This is a must have for homeowners. As a new home owner, a coworker advised me to get American Home Shield Home Warranty. Still 15 years later, the advice was priceless!"

– lesley.w

"We have an American Home Shield warranty on our rental home and I just purchased a warranty for our primary residence. In our experience with American Home Shield, they have been great to work with. Which is often a a challenge, when rental property is another state then we currently live. They have been courteous and helpful and ensured we were happy with our service."


"AHS was included in my 1st Home purchase and I made good use of it during the first year. I did not have it when I bought my 2nd home. The 2nd home was recently renovated with high-end appliances so I didn't purchase AHS. Well, in 2 months my microwave and oven both went dead. I paid over $1,000 to fix. High-end products look and work good but they are expensive to repair. I don't want to be caught without AHS again."

– lindaq

"We live four states away from the house that we have the American Home Shield warranty on so for us, it's important to have immediate access and assistance when things go wrong in that house. AHS was there immediately when we contacted them and got the ball rolling to fix the leak in our hot water heater. They provided a reputable plumbing company to do the work, and they fixed the problem before any great damage could be done to the house. Great job."

–Terry Hubbard

"Our American Home Shield is worth every penny. Owning a home can be expensive when unexpected repairs are needed. It's also very nice that I don't have to spend time researching the best service for the best price when getting repairs. That legwork has already been done for me."

–Timothy Scott

Industry Reviews

"My experience has been the best. They (AHS) are there whenever you need them and that is why I recommend them to each one of you. Make a smart decision when you become an owner: get protection for your home."

– CC Limardo
Hostess of Casa Al Dia, TV show

"I recommend it to anyone, everyone…it’s definitely a good product … it’s priced right … it covers most of the major appliances... and I’ve used those services."

– Salvador Morales
President of the Dallas Hispanic Firefighters Association
AHS Customer for 13 years

"I would absolutely recommend AHS to my family, friends and customers. I explain to them what it is and how it works and that it makes you feel comfortable. You don’t need an umbrella every day, but it’s nice to know that if it starts raining, you’ve got that umbrella with you. That’s what it’s all about."

– David Leon
Licensed Contractor

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