Your home electronics provide you with entertainment, but that’s not all they do these days. American households are increasingly reliant on electronics to stay in touch with friends and family, shop, do housework, boost home security and more. The average household has seven electronic items, and by 2021, the average American household will own 21 connected electronic devices.*

But repairing and replacing these items if they fail can get expensive, especially when manufacturers’ warranties expire. That’s why American Home Shield® has partnered with Asurion® to offer customers the option to add an electronics protection plan. It could cost you $1,200 a year to buy individual extended warranties for seven household items, but with the add-on Electronics Plan by Asurion® through American Home Shield, you could pay as little as $168 per year. The electronics warranty plan covers new and used electronic devices. Most other home warranty companies don’t offer this level of coverage for your home electronics.

When a covered electronics item malfunctions, you can contact Asurion to file a claim. You will pay a service fee, and the Asurion representative will give you instructions on how and where to ship your electronic item for repair, replacement or reimbursement. Shipping is always included; Asurion will provide a prepaid postage box for you to ship your item(s). If your item is too big to ship, Asurion will send a technician to work on the item in your home. Asurion will repair your item if possible; otherwise, you could receive a replacement for the covered item or reimbursement for the cost of the covered item.

This add-on plan covers your new and used electronics against manufacturer’s defects and normal wear and tear. It also protects against common causes of equipment failure that manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover, like power surges. Parts and labor are also included.

An Electronics Plan by Asurion provides your household with coverage for the following devices:

Laptops and Computers

Your laptops and computers are among some of your most expensive and most used electronics, and you probably have multiple laptops and computers in your home. The electronics warranty plan provides coverage for all of your laptops and computers, even after extended laptop warranties expire. Never scramble to repair or replace a laptop or computer again.

The Electronics Plan by Asurion also covers:

Televisions and Home Theaters

These days, most homes have multiple TVs. You probably have a TV in your family room, maybe one in your bedroom and perhaps one in the kids’ playroom. Your kids might even have their own TVs in their rooms. And televisions aren’t getting any cheaper — if anything, they’re getting more expensive. The Electronics Plan by Asurion lets you cover every TV in your home. The plan also protects home theater equipment, including speakers and Blu-Ray or DVD players.

The plan covers common TV issues, like:

Game Consoles

Your Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch is just as central to your home entertainment system as your television or streaming device, so when your console breaks, it’s a big deal. The Electronics Plan by Asurion covers new and old consoles from all major manufacturers, so you can get back to gaming in no time.

Covered failures for gaming consoles and similar electronics include:

Tablets and e-Readers

How will you catch up with the news, finish reading your e-book, keep the kids entertained on road trips or look up that new recipe in the kitchen when your tablet or e-reader is out of commission? The Electronics Plan by Asurion could help manage the costs associated with repairing it, especially when compared to the cost of replacing a tablet or an e-reader.

The plan covers a range of common issues including:


Printers, scanners and other peripheral devices are convenient and nice to have when you’re organizing paperwork or getting documents together. But a broken printer does no one any good. Keep these devices in good working order and stay productive in your home office.

Routers, Keyboards and Remotes

Computer accessories like routers, keyboards, monitors, mice and desktop speakers can make or break your productivity, whether you’re working from home or tackling a personal project. The Electronics Plan by Asurion offers coverage for computer accessories with no additional service fee.

For all your electronics protection needs, be sure your items are covered with an add-on Electronics Plan by Asurion through American Home Shield.

American Home Shield: the home warranty leader for more than 45 years.

* Asurion Data from 2018

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