Top Smartphone Apps Help Keep Resolutions

It’s time to start thinking about making your New Year’s resolutions, but even if you’re determined to stick to them, you’re bound to have moments of weakness. Stay committed to your goals with the help of these smartphone apps.


Lose Weight

  • Lose It! (iPhone and Android)
    With Lose It! you set a goal and a daily calorie cap to help you meet it. Log your food and exercise info daily and receive a breakdown of daily nutrients, e.g. proteins, fats, carbs. Lose It! also tracks the pounds you’ve lost.

  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal (iPhone and Android)
    This app has an easy-to-use calorie counter to keep you on track. It has a customizable database of over 1.5 million foods, nutritional info, quick exercise and food data, plus social media sharing and a list of over 350 exercises.

Quit Smoking

  • Quit It Lite (iPhone)
    This free app offers support and encouragement to current smokers who want to quit and former smokers who are still struggling to quit. It tracks the number of cigarettes you’ve resisted, a total of the money you’ve saved and the tar you’ve avoided since cutting back or quitting.

  • Quit Smoking (Android)
    This free app has earned rave reviews and is like a personal coach! Based on a step-down program, it weans you off and adjusts to your personal pattern. It even tells you when you’re doing a great job!

Get In Shape

  • Fitness Buddy (iPhone and Android)
    With more than 1,700 exercises and over 1,000 videos with detailed instructions, Fitness Buddy puts a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. It lets you create a customized list of exercises, tracks your weight loss and logs your measurements.

  • Endomondo Sports Tracker (iPhone and Android)
    15 million users rely on this free app to track their workouts, monitor pace, track calories burned and display exercise history. You can sync it to social sites where other Endomondo users can challenge you and send you audio messages.

Stick to a Budget

  • Personal Finance (iPhone and Android)
    This free app is great for tracking expenses and income but also gives you an overall picture of your financial state. In addition to managing your budget, you can sync Mint to your bank and credit card accounts for an up-to-date financial overview.

  • Toshl Finance (iPhone and Android)
    You can set your budget and track expenses with this easy-to-use, powerful expense-logging tool. Customize your budget (daily, weekly, monthly) on this free app. By syncing your data to your Toshl account, you can manage your money across devices.