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Should You Get a Laptop Warranty?

You depend on your laptop for a lot, both work-related and home needs. You want to make sure your machine is covered in the event of damage or breakdown.

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When was the last time you bought an electronic device and weren’t offered the option to buy an extended warranty? Most items come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually in effect for the first year after purchase. And while it might seem reasonable to get an extended warranty for more expensive electronics, like a big TV, a laptop computer or your smartphone, stores these days will try to push protection plans for even the smallest, cheapest items, like a new set of earbuds or an electric can opener.

Do you need an electronics warranty for your new laptop? You might not need an extended warranty for every electronic device you buy, but it’s definitely a good idea to have that coverage for big-ticket items that you might struggle to replace or repair without help from a warranty. Here’s how to decide if you should spring for the warranty or rely on your savings account.

Can You Afford to Replace Your Laptop?

Usually, you’re offered a laptop protection plan or other extended electronics warranty while you’re standing at the register, spending a lot of money on a major purchase. Stores offer extended protection on a wide range of products precisely because it’s a huge profit driver for them, and many customers will never even bother to send their item in for repairs.

For most things, you don’t need to spend the extra money to get warranty coverage. The rule of thumb is if you can afford to replace the item, you don’t need warranty coverage. But if the item is an expensive one that you can’t afford to easily replace, you should mitigate your risk by buying some kind of warranty coverage.

How Important Is Your Laptop?

Are you buying your laptop for occasional web browsing, social media use and games of solitaire? Or will you depend on it every day at work or school? The more important your laptop is, the more you need laptop coverage. The last thing you need is a computer failure that keeps you from finishing an important work project or school assignment on time, especially if you’re in a position where such an equipment failure could set you back professionally. Taking a college class where turning in the final paper late is an automatic F? Trying to make ends meet with freelance work? You need a laptop warranty.

How Old Is Your Laptop?

Obviously, the older your laptop, the more prone it is to normal wear and tear and other failures. If your laptop is a little older, the laptop protection plan you acquired with your original purchase may have expired, and you may not have the opportunity to renew it. But that doesn’t mean you’re any less reliant on your laptop than you were when you bought it, and it also doesn’t mean you’re in a better position to replace the machine, should it break down suddenly.

The Electronics Plan by Asurion®

The good news is that you can still get electronics warranty coverage for your older laptop and other electronics and appliances. American Home Shield® now offers electronics warranty plans from Asurion. In addition to coverage for components of your home systems and appliances,  you can get coverage for your electronics including: laptops, tablets and peripherals like home routers, printers, keyboards, mice and speakers.

The Electronics Plan by Asurion covers an unlimited number of home electronics and appliances, both new and used – so if you have an older laptop, you can get coverage for it. The coverage also extends to your TVs; DVD players, streaming devices and other home theater devices; smart home devices; your tablets and e-readers; and your gaming consoles.

Coverage costs as little as $14 a month, with a service fee of $75 to $125 when issues arise and you need to submit a service request. Accessories like your mice, monitors, keyboard and modems are eligible to be fixed or replaced with no service fees.  

You can file up to $5,000 in claims per 12-month contract period, with a limit of $2,000 per claim. When you file a claim, you can ship your electronics to Asurion for free or, if it’s a large item, Asurion will send a technician to your home to repair your electronics.

You use your laptop almost every day, and it’s important that it works properly. With the high cost of replacing computers, you can’t afford not to have a laptop warranty. Learn about the benefits of Home Electronics Warranty, so your electronics can be protected like your other home systems and appliances. 

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