Smart Apps for Your Smartphone

By the end of this year, an estimated 115.8 million Americans will use smartphones.

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Realtors are using smartphones for just about everything—from tracking mileage, to scanning documents, to getting turn-by-turn directions. Check out these useful apps:

  • Open Home Pro (available on iPad): Allows you to manage your open house digitally, complete with sign-in questions. View visit reports for more effective follow up.
  • Evernote (available on most platforms): Popular app that allows you to take and organize notes in text, image, and audio form.
  • Dropbox (available on most platforms): Web storage app that allows you to view, edit, and save your documents from just about anywhere. You can sync multiple computers or mobile devices to your Dropbox account, or access your files via the web.
  • DocuSign (available on most platforms): Electronic signing app that’s court-accepted; a REALTOR professional edition is also available.
  • (available on most platforms): MLS apps for mobile devices that let you instantly see nearby listings and more.
  • iBackup Contacts (available on iPad and iPhone): Never lose your contact list with this app. Android-friendly contact backup apps are also available (try Super Backup or Backup Contacts).
  • Drive Safely (available on most platforms): Reads text messages and emails to you out loud, so you can focus on the road—not your phone.