DIY Fails: Oh No, They Didn't

When things go wrong in life, our true characters are put to the test. Challenges can bring out the best …or worst in us.

When our household appliances or systems fail, it too can be a test of character. You may stay cool and calm. Or you may feel like taking a bat to that old A/C unit. Do you swoop in to save the day with your mad DIY skills? Or do you sometimes make it worse? 

Fortunately, there are many appropriate responses -- like having a home warranty in place. With a home warranty, you have an agreement that covers the repair or replacement of many appliances and system components in your home. Up to how many appliances? An American Home Shield® Home Warranty Plan covers the repair or replacement of up to 21 home system components and appliances.

Let’s face it. Although there are a lot of things that we can fix ourselves, some things must be left to an AHS® professional.

Check out the 8 things you should always leave to the pros.

DIY Done Wrong Can Spell DISASTER

Toilet install gone bad? Keep calm and duct tape on…

Before you start any DIY project, make sure you have the right products.

Shower? Yes you CAN, yes you CAN CAN.


Stove on the fritz? That’s no reason to deny yourself delicious bacon … or straight hair.

If DIY repairs aren’t your thing, try out these DIY recipes instead.

First impressions are everything. 

Broken washer? Spin it into something awesome.

The big take away? Know your strengths. When you have an American Home Shield® Home Warranty Plan, you can count on a network of highly skilled experts to get the job done right. To learn more about home warranties, visit

Gotta guy for that? Anyone see the irony here?


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