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5 Memes Only People Who Stink At Home Repair Will Understand


Sometimes it’s tempting to think of doing a simple home repair yourself. But once you start, you may see why the words “simple” and “home repair” don’t always go together. Of course, there are many good DIY-ers out there. But even if you’re not one of them, DIY can still be a great learning experience. You might learn handy tips like these—or just be reminded why some jobs are best left to the professionals.

1. A port-a-potty adds bold color to your landscape design.



2. A broken pool filter just means you’ll learn more about marine life.



3. A leaky washing machine makes multitasking simple.



4. A broken A/C is a great excuse to rub cold beverages across your forehead.



5. A busted pipe can instantly transform any dull, dry living space into a fun aquatic environment.


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