How to Keep in Contact with Past Clients Without Becoming a Nuisance

Closing a transaction shouldn’t be the end of a client relationship. In fact, it should be the start of something more, something that will put you at the forefront of other real estate professionals — helping you become your client’s realtor for life. 

Keep Contact with Clients

To maintain contact with clients, you have to strategize ways to stay in your clients’ lives and keep in touch without becoming a pest. Here are some tips to help you do just that, from the tried and true to more creative and unconventional methods.

Use your referrals to get back in touch 

There is nothing more valuable to real estate professionals than receiving referrals from a past client. Aside from the potential new business lead, it’s a chance to re-establish contact. Once you receive the referral, immediately acknowledge it with a “thank-you” to your client either in a hand-written or email note, and if the referral leads to a sale, send a second thank-you and a gift — preferably delivered in person.

Provide clients with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

They’ll appreciate the fact that cared enough to do the legwork. Send your clients a condensed CMA either once or twice a year. Make sure that your communication doesn’t come across as a “hard sell.” Instead, look at this as an opportunity to provide valuable information that could help you both in the long run.

Send Out "Just Listed" and "Just Sold" cards

This is a relatively easy way to stay top-of-mind with your clients and show them you’re consistently on top of your game, especially if you emphasize transactions made in a neighborhood in proximity to your clients.

Publish an electronic newsletter

A great way to remind clients you’re available and ready to help should they need or want to make a change — or know someone else who does. Ideally, you should publish every six weeks, with once per quarter being the minimum and the maximum being once every four weeks. Content is key, so make sure to avoid any “bragging” and include excellent, market-centric content.

Get creative by hosting an event or party

Who doesn’t like a party? Hosting one for past clients whether it be theme-based, like a Halloween costume party, or a casual wine and cheese gathering, showcases your creative side as well as your willingness to go the extra mile to maintain your connections. A block party is another creative way to get people together.

Grab coffee or even dinner with a client. Suggest a meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant. The venue really doesn’t matter. What does is the fact that you’re making them feel valued not just as a client, but also as a friend.

As you work to become your clients’ “realtor for life,” here’s probably the most important tip of all: As in most things in life, staying connected is all about being considerate. 


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