Videos Are the New Photos

To stand out in today’s marketplace, instead of just posting photos of your listings, post videos. Video is becoming more popular and more important for any REALTOR® looking to improve leads and sales. 
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The National Association of REALTORS® states that 73% of sellers would choose a real estate professional who could market their property with video, but fewer than 5% of REALTORS® actually use video. Also, homes listed with video get four times the inquiries of homes listed without video. 

DIY Videos

There are a wide range of cost-efficient DIY video options available to you. Simply use your smartphone, tablet or an inexpensive camera to shoot your video. Then download a video maker app to quickly and easily create a video that showcases your properties and personality. <br><br>

Videolicious allows you to choose your video clips, talk and tap to narrate your video and add music and branding.
Animoto, turns your photos and video clips into professional HD video. Simply choose your clips, select a music track and video style and add your branding.
Magisto for Business works similarly. Just pick your video clips, select a theme, choose your soundtrack and add your title. You can also add branding, graphics and captions.<br><br>

When creating your video, here are some things to consider. Be sure it’s no more than two minutes long. Plan out how you would like to tell your story visually and write a script. Make sure the home you are featuring is staged and highlight its best features. Some selling points are harder to “show” than “tell,” like a valuable AHS<sup>®</sup> Home Warranty, but you can always tell that story through text or voice-over. Decide if you need talent or if you will be appearing in it. And when choosing music, pick a song that complements the feel of the home. Ensure all materials used in the video are properly licensed and that you have permission from the homeowner.<br><br>

Post Videos on YouTube & Facebook

With a 51% audience share, YouTube is now the top video research destination for house hunters and is more popular than listing websites. Set up your own channel and organize videos by playlist, using search-friendly keywords or the property address in your title, description and tags. YouTube has also become a popular destination for agent videos as “Find an Agent” searches are increasing 46% year over year, so it’s smart to post a video bio to capture that audience. Videos posted to Facebook are shared 218% more than Twitter and email combined. So, make sure you post your videos on Facebook, too.

Want some video inspiration? Take a look at these great real estate videos on


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