Tips to Stay Cool While in the Field

With one of the hottest real estate markets and one of the hottest summers on record in 2022, real estate professionals across the country have been faced with high client demands as well as high temperatures. Whether showing properties, taking listing photos, or heading to meetings, keeping cool can be challenging. Here are some tried-and-true ways to beat the heat when you’re in the field:



Wear light-colored, lightweight clothing.

Light colors can reflect rays and keep you cooler. Keep an extra change of shirts or outfits in your car or office to help you feel refreshed and pulled together on scorcher days.


Stay hydrated.

Keep a cooler in your vehicle with flavored water bottles and juices to drink and share with clients and colleagues. Invest in an insulated personal container to keep a cold drink on hand during the day.


Use an umbrella.

When you walk to and from appointments and outside properties, shield yourself from the sun. An umbrella can offer welcome shade and help lower your body temperature, especially when walking on hot pavement.


Wear hats.

Hats can protect your head and face from ultraviolet rays. Choose a ventilated fabric such as straw or mesh, and make sure the hat has a roomy fit for extra comfort.


Use fans.

Keep a personal, battery-powered fan with you, or have paper fans imprinted with your logo and contact information to hand out to clients and potential clients. Fanning helps to temporarily cool the skin and can provide welcome relief in hot, muggy weather.


Eat for the heat.

Instead of opting for a hot, heavy mid-day meal, try eating lighter, cooler choices such as salads, cold soups, wraps, and fruit. Treat yourself to a cooling mid-afternoon break with sorbet or a frozen fruit snack.


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