Take Your Business to the Next Level — and Beyond — in 2017

If you feel like you’ve run out of ideas when it comes to marketing yourself, you’re not alone. Maybe you need that elusive “extra something” to set you apart. The good news is that plenty of experts are willing to share their most successful (and often surprisingly simple) tips to help you attain — and maintain — the success you deserve and have worked so hard for.

OnMark Pro

Write listings with emotional appeal. Don’t just write a listing. Write one that appeals to the buyer’s emotions. That’s not just a great tactic. It shows you really care about their needs/wants. Also take some time to ensure that your descriptions leap off the page to paint a clear, succinct picture of the property in question.

Go “viral” with a video. Who doesn’t love sharing entertaining videos on social media? If you can grab people with an entertaining clip or two, you’re not just in the game, you’re ahead of it, because when people share your clip, you’re bound to reach the audience you’re after. Make sure, though, to steer clear of topics that might be considered offensive or controversial. You may want to consider creating a video tour of your neighborhood, which is especially helpful in less-traveled areas that might not otherwise be featured on YouTube.

Utilize free, personalized marketing materials with OnMark Pro®. This easy-to-use automated tool offered by American Home ShieldÒ will help you build and enhance your client relationships. Get free marketing tips, tools and materials you can personalize and distribute. All of this is completely FREE at onmarkpro.com. You can contact your local Account Executive for more information. Another option is to consider postcards as powerful marketing tools. Sending these out on a regular basis is a great way to raise awareness of your brand and inspire interest in your business. Sometimes the simplest tools, such as OnMark Pro, are the most effective, and the most overlooked.

Create a community presence. How do you become a resource that people know and trust? By reaching out to your community. Consider sponsoring local sports teams and events, for example. You’ll build an enormous amount of goodwill and may also generate links back to your website on your community’s sites. You can also get involved in charities, boards and other local organizations.

Go “old school” with handwritten notes. If you want a way to distinguish yourself from the competition, this is it. Even in this hyper-technical day and age, there is still no substitute for the personal touch. People are especially receptive to handwritten thank-you notes, so make it a point to reach out — with pen and paper in hand.

We hope the above tips and advice will inspire you to new levels of greatness as you take your business to the next level this year and in the years to come. You worked for it. You deserve it.


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