7 Ways to Take Advantage of a Home's View

If you’re listing a home with a gorgeous view, it’s important to make the most of this valuable selling feature. After all, you want prospective buyers to get the biggest impact from the view during showings and the listing photographs to capture the “wow” factor that a stunning outdoor scene can deliver. Whether the view is of a beach, mountain, lake, stream, forest, cityscape, or rolling countryside, here are some ways to take advantage of it:  

Home views

1. Don’t block it.

Make sure that the room’s furniture doesn’t obscure any portion of the view. The furniture arrangement should also make it easy to enjoy the view from a seated position. If there is more than one focal point in the room, such as a fireplace or television, make sure that the furniture setup makes it easy to enjoy both. When opened, window treatments should hang outside of the frame so that the view can be enjoyed from all angles.

2. Get the light right.

Lamps and overhead lighting can cause glare that may interfere with a view, especially early in the mornings or late in the day. Position lamps to avoid glare, or install dimmer switches or lower wattage light bulbs if needed. Different lampshades may also reduce glare.

3. No streaking allowed.

Dirty windows can distract from even the grandest of views. If windows are dusty, streaked, spotted, or grimy, having them cleaned is probably a good idea. Remember, both the outside and the inside of the panes should be washed for the best results.

4. Keep track of time.

Ask the owners if there’s a time of day when the view is particularly striking. If so, try to schedule showings at that time as much as possible. Or, as an alternative, take pictures and leave out to show clients the prime viewing time.  

5. Cozy up.

If space allows, arrange comfortable chairs facing the view. Add a coffee table or end table, pillows, and a throw to create an appealing spot. During showings, invite prospective buyers to sit with you and talk about the property as you enjoy the view together.

6. Get that close up.  

Place a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope near the window to encourage prospective buyers to take in a closer perspective. Be sure to reference any interesting birds, wildlife, or points of interest they may be able to see with the help of magnification.

7. Look out.

Make sure that the landscaping outside complements the view from inside. Have any tree or shrubbery branches that interfere with the view trimmed back. Turf outside the window should be weed-free and mowed. Move any pots or planters that don’t complement the scene, or that distract from the view.    

In addition to including photographs, be sure to describe the view in online and print listing descriptions. Mention it when you talk with fellow real estate professionals about the listing, too. Your colleagues may have clients who have expressed an interest in a home with a view, so getting the word out could bring you an interested buyer.

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