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Sell More Homes This Fall

Despite its reputation as a slower season, fall can actually be one of the best times to sell a home. Take advantage of autumn and use the season to your benefit and help boost your business by adding these simple steps to your selling routine.
Brick Home in the Fall Surrounded by Greenery
Stage for the season

Autumn is full of bright, beautiful colors and distinctive flavors and scents. Use all of this to your advantage. A seasonal floral arrangement and spiced cider can liven up an open house. Make the home look fresh and ready for the season instead of staying stuck in summer. A stale out-of-date house that doesn’t look lived in can turn buyers off immediately.

Brush up on school districts

Fall is back-to-school time and buyers may be hyper aware of the fact that if they’re moving, they need to get their kids enrolled in their new school district ASAP. Knowing the ins and outs of schools in the area will make you, as a real estate professional, more appealing to potential buyers as well as putting their minds at ease and possibly making a sale easier.

Use the slower season to your advantage

Yes, fall tends to be a time when this business slows down. Instead of sitting back and coasting, use it to your advantage. Less inventory means more competition. There will still be great houses available for your buyers and there may be more buyers for your listings. Don’t let another professional get to these houses and buyers before you do.

There is no season fro the perfect home

Some buyers are just lurking, waiting for their dream home to come on the market and will be ready to buy no matter the season. Scan through previous or inactive client contacts and see if something you have, or have seen, might be just what one of these clients has been waiting for.

There are many other ways to promote and sell more homes this fall, but these steps can be a great start to embracing the season and keeping your sales goals on track.

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