Quick Attention Grabbers to Catch Clients

Marketing to potential clients isn’t always about complicated sales plans, expensive customized advertising, and time-consuming promotional campaigns. When it comes to attracting new clients, sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Here are some quick ways to get noticed by potential clients that don’t require a lot of time or money:



Text greetings

Sending a quick text message to potential clients to check in or to share some interesting or new information can go a long way toward establishing rapport and a relationship. Remember to keep the messages succinct, upbeat, and useful. Always include an invitation to contact you for more information at the end.


Direct messages

Instead of commenting on social media posts, it’s more personal to send potential clients a direct message. Dropping a DM from time to time is a nice way of reaching out without requiring a response from the receiver.


Phone calls

In these busy times, not many people place a phone call when they can text or email instead. But phone calls are a warmer way to contact potential clients and allow for two-way conversation and connection. Don’t be shy about picking up the phone to say hello and find out what’s new. Even if you have to leave a voicemail message, your client will know that you made an effort to connect and that you care about them and their lives.


Short videos

When you videotape greetings or informative segments, potential clients can get more of a sense of who you are on a personal level. Hearing your voice and seeing your body language can help build trust and confidence.


Special dates

If you can find out potential clients’ birthdays or other special dates, use those as touchstones. Simply send brief messages, emails, or cards to acknowledge the occasion and let the person know you’re thinking about them.


Small gifts/promotional items

If you have extra logo items such as pens, magnets, or other premiums, be sure to send those to potential clients. Better yet, drop them off in person to say hi and initiate a quick chat.


Extra value

Anytime you find a way to provide extra value, be sure to share that information with prospective clients to show you always go the extra mile when it comes to service. For example, many people don’t know that American Home Shield· members don’t have to experience a covered breakdown to receive value and benefits from their plan. With exclusive offers and add-ons that make home ownership easier, American Home Shield clients can start enjoying service and value right away. Some of the offers that members receive include:

    • Electronics coverage
    • Smart Home Tech Installation And Setup Services
    • Pre-Season A/C Tune-Up
    • Pre-Season Heating System Tune-Up
    • Rekey Service
    • Roof Leak Repair Coverage


To find out more about the benefits of American Home Shield membership to share with current and potential clients, contact your local American Home Shield Account Manager, or visit ahs.com. today.

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