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Open houses can be great ways to market and spotlight listings. Holding an open house when a property first goes on the market can garner attention and gauge initial interest. Conversely, open houses can provide a needed boost for older listings that may be otherwise getting stale.  Open house events can also be efficient ways for agents to show homes to groups of prospective buyers instead of scheduling individual showings.


Realtor and clients

While open houses can be effective marketing tools, they can also be a lot of work for agents and for sellers. Getting houses in tip-top shape and devoting several hours to the actual event can take significant time and effort commitments. To help you make the most of open house opportunities, here are some tips:

  • Advertise open house dates and times on all your social media. Ask friends and family to share the posts to help get the word out to as many people as possible.


  • Show up early. Have plenty of printed materials with information about the listing. Keep business cards on hand. In addition to selling homes, open houses can be great ways to meet new clients and sell yourself.


  • Open window treatments, blinds, and shutters to let natural light in. Turn on overhead lights and lamps to make each room bright. 


  • Adjust the temperature so that rooms will be comfortable during the open house.


  • To be on the safe side, suggest that sellers secure technology, valuables, and personal information while the open house is in progress.


  • Unlock exterior doors to outdoor spaces, garages, storage rooms, patios and pool houses for easy access.


  • Greet each person when they come in, and point out the home’s best features. Have a sign-in sheet at the door to show your sellers at the end of the open house. Ask for phone numbers or email addresses so you can follow up with each party after the open house to thank them for coming and to see if they’d like another showing.


  • Choose classical or easy listening music to play in the background, if you’d like. 


  • If the home has an open pool or water features, alert parents so they can keep an eye on their children.


  • Make sure that pets are out of the home or secured in a kennel.


  • You may be asked about the condition of home’s systems and appliances during an open house. Verify if an American Home Shield® Real Estate Home Warranty with listing coverage is in place. When potential buyers hear that an American Home Shield Home Warranty Plan is included in the transaction, they’ll know that they won’t have to worry about covered repairs or replacements after closing for the term of the contract, which can be comforting and encouraging news. American Home Shield also provides helpful open house kits to agents, which include:
    • An AHS® tent card so that potential buyers know that the home has valuable protection
    • An AHS magnet with room to note the home warranty plan contract number for easy reference in case service is needed for a covered item
    • Open house balloons to tie to the mailbox or other easily visible location to attract attention and traffic
    • A lock box protector to help prevent door scratches and damage
    • An open house flyer that explains the many benefits and advantages of AHS Home Warranty coverage


To get your open house kit, or for other marketing tools and more information about American Home Shield Real Estate Home Warranties, contact your AHS Account Executive today.

AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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