New Domain Extension Positions You as a Home Expert

.Home is already gaining traction and is something you may want to consider for your business.

Domain Extension for Real Estate

You know how important location is in real estate, so why should your online location be any different? Now, there’s a new domain extension (the part of a web address after the dot) that was created exclusively for the real estate industry: .Home.  It’s already gaining traction and is something you may want to consider for your business.

Why should you get a .Home website? Well, not only is it a great way to brand your name or business to the real estate industry, it’s also memorable, descriptive, helps build credibility and stands out in a cluttered marketplace. It also gives you an opportunity to secure a name that may not have been available before. For example, if you tried to secure, but it was already taken, you may now be able to secure JohnsonRealty.home.

.Home won’t just be available to anyone who wants it. When you apply for it, you have to show that you work in the housing industry as a real estate agent, broker, real estate association, property manager, appraiser, etc. Check out the eligibility criteria here. Thinking about making yourself at .Home with a premium online location? Register for a .Home URL. Keep in mind that registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and that the verification process takes 3 days.

This new real estate specific domain extension is one great tool to add to your business building tactics. It always helps to find unique ways to position yourself as an expert in the marketplace.

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