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Real estate networking events don’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable. If you follow these simple tips, you can make valuable, lasting connections that will help you build leads and referrals. 

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Real estate networking events don’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable. If you follow these simple tips, you can make valuable connections that could help you build leads and referrals. 

• Connect with fewer people — It’s not about the quantity of people you meet, but the quality of those connections. Focus on meeting 5 to 6 people at each event. This gives you time to get to know each person and build a strong connection with them.

• Talk less, listen more — Be genuine and authentic. Gather intelligence, be interested in the person with whom you are speaking. Ask questions; get to know them and what’s important to them so you know how best to help them. Avoid interrupting or searching the room while someone is speaking to you. Those are obvious signs that you aren’t listening.

• Take cards, don’t give them — Don’t try to pass your card out to everyone you meet. Instead, focus on getting cards. This makes it seem as if you are less self-serving and allows you to be the one to follow up. You can also ask if they are on LinkedIn or Facebook and connect with them right on the spot using your mobile apps.

• Give more than you get — Go into an event looking to help people and give referrals — you’ll end up getting more back than you anticipate in the long run.

• Identify influencers — These are typically the people who are the center of a group. When you find an opportunity, introduce yourself and ask them about their job, business or company to get the conversation going.

• Walk up to wallflowers — Sometimes these individuals can be the organization’s leaders or someone you may really be interested in speaking with.

• Meet a mentor — You may have been in the business for decades, but there’s always something you can learn from someone who is more seasoned. Look for these people, ask for their advice and what has worked well for them. This may help you stay ahead of the competition.

• Find common ground — Chances are, if you talk to someone and get to know them personally as well as professionally you will find that you have something in common. This common ground could make your connection stronger and give you a great reason to connect in the future. 

• Follow up fast — The sooner you follow up with those you meet, the better your chances of remembering details about them, and the more likely they are to remember you.

Networking Opportunities Are Everywhere 

Real estate networking events are just one way for you to network, generate leads and referrals. Don’t underestimate the power of casual networking. Sometimes it can be easier and even more effective.


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