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Looking to boost your business with new customers or referrals? LinkedIn could be your key to success. Data compiled from more than 5,000 companies found that LinkedIn produced 277% more leads than Facebook and Twitter. Follow these helpful tips to see how it can benefit you.

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Complete Your Profile Page

The more detail you add, the easier it is for people to find you. Be sure to include your contact information, links to your website and social media accounts, a bio that lists your relevant skills and training, your specialty (e.g., luxury homes, short sales, etc.) and relevant awards. Also, incorporate keywords that would make it easy for prospective clients to find you when they search for real estate professionals in your area.

Showcase Yourself

Choosing a headshot is important when it comes to making a good first impression. Find or take a professional photo of yourself dressed in colorful business attire. Remember, professionalism pays.

Stand Out with Videos and Photos

LinkedIn has several features that not everyone takes advantage of. You can create and upload a vibrant and relevant banner image, optimize your profile with videos, photos and Slideshare presentations, include blog posts, promotional offers or referral programs.

Get Connected

Once your profile is complete, start connecting. The more connections you have, the larger the net you cast. Connect with business contacts and those with whom you’d like to network. Use the Advanced Search feature to find local professionals or prospects to connect with and send them a personalized message. Join a real estate group and publish interesting real estate content — your own or from others. Ask for referrals. Growing your network helps get your name out there and builds meaningful business relationships that could come in handy down the road. 

Post and Update Often

What should you post? Besides listings, include pictures that celebrate the completion of a project, testimonials of happy customers, blog posts, or useful real-estate-related articles. Also, be sure to congratulate your connections on their promotions, birthdays or new jobs. 

Get Endorsements

This is easy to do. Having a large number of people who back your skills looks great to connections and prospective clients. The best time to ask someone to endorse you is after you’ve worked with them or have done them a favor. Endorse others and they will return the favor.<br><br>


Consider LinkedIn ads or use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, to target and personalize content to comprehensive audience segments via feeds. 


Finally, take advantage of LinkedIn Analytics to see metrics and trends about your Profile Page. Discover who viewed your page, how many clicks, impressions, interactions and followers you have received, learn how many unique visitors you have and get their demographic information. Identify different trends then monitor and modify your content accordingly.


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