Improving Your Reputation the Right Way

As a real estate professional, your reputation is a critical component of your success. When clients are making real estate investments and significant financial decisions that will impact their future and their households, they want to know they are working with a professional who has integrity, experience, and compassion. Whether you’re looking to bounce back from a less-than-desirable online review, or you want to continue to enhance your good name, here are some suggestions.



Focus on providing consistent service excellence

The quality of service you provide to clients will be the foundation of your reputation. Applying a service-first philosophy to every client interaction and every transaction will help you form a solid foundation for the reputation you hope to build over time. It’s also important to apply this same philosophy to working with colleagues, as their impressions of you are important, too.


Personalize your marketing

Review your marketing materials and take steps to customize the pieces to reflect your strengths and core objectives. It can be helpful to craft a one- or two-sentence mission statement that articulates your goals and what you hope to achieve in each real estate transaction. It’s also important to let your personality shine through in your marketing. Don’t be shy about communicating to clients what makes you special and the qualities you bring to the table.


Use testimonials

One of the most effective marketing tools, testimonials are quotes from customers about their experiences and impressions from working with you. Testimonials can have a big impact on potential clients because they come from third parties. You can use testimonials in printed pieces, videos, and online, but it’s a good idea to seek permission from clients before publishing direct quotes.


Have a strong social media presence

Being active on social media channels and platforms gives you an established presence. Posting regularly and consistently about your listings and how you work to achieve clients’ goals can help build your reputation as a trusted real estate professional.


Take reviews and comments in stride

Online evaluations, assessments, and even criticism are a fact of life in today’s business world. While positive reviews and comments can be gratifying, negative feedback can be disappointing and even worrisome. Try to take an even-keeled approach to online reviews and stay open to hearing all responses and learning from them.  


Have a community presence

Being active in your community gives current and potential clients the chance to get to know you personally as well as professionally, which can augment your reputation. It’s also important to be active in industry events and organizations to help build a good reputation among your colleagues, too.


The best way to build and maintain a solid reputation is to make sure the service you provide to each client is top-notch. Including an American Home Shield® home warranty with every transaction show that you always have your clients’ best interests in mind. This valuable protection helps to protect buyers’ and sellers’ budgets and gives them a reliable repair resource for covered repairs, leading to confidence and peace of mind. Show your clients that you always go above and beyond for them with American Home Shield. For more information, contact your Account Manager or visit today.

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