How to Score a Real Estate Listing in a Competitive Market

If you work in a competitive market where homes for sale are in short supply, landing listings can be a challenge. For established agents and newbies alike, getting sellers’ attention at the right time and then earning their confidence is the key to success. Here are some ideas to help get your name on more “For Sale” signs.

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Since you don’t always know when sellers are thinking about putting their home on the market, promoting yourself consistently throughout the year often yields the best results. If your market is seasonal or has traditional peak listing periods, be sure to ramp up your efforts before the rise in home sales instead of during the top months (typically April - June) when sellers have likely already chosen their agents. 

Spread the word in your community that you conduct free workshops, seminars, and brown bag lunch programs about selling homes. You could put together presentations on topics like:

  • Thinking About Selling Your Home? 
  • How to Prepare Your Home to Sell 
  • How to Select a Real Estate Professional 
  • The State of Our Current Real Estate Market
  • How Much Is Your Home Worth? 

Specialize in an area or neighborhood to build your reputation as a sellers’ agent. If you live in or are familiar with a particular part of town, focus your marketing efforts there. Emphasize your extensive knowledge and experience in that area in your marketing materials and online to gain referrals and to attract new clients. 

Specialize in a specific market segment. Do you enjoy working with first-time home buyers? Do you like helping families find the right homes and school districts? Maybe you like to serve relocating or downsizing clients? Find a niche market that corresponds to your skills and experience, then target your marketing effort to that group. 

Yes, digital marketing is great— but so are tried-and-true, old-fashioned marketing tools like door hangers, direct mail, and personalized promotional items. If you’ve been using the same marketing materials and photos for a while, update them with new images and fresh wording.  

Ask for the business. Put the word out to former clients and friends that you’re eager to handle new listings.  Remind them of your professional skills and strengths, and ask them to introduce you or to refer you to new clients.

Create an industry network. You may not see the benefit in maintaining relationships with people such as lenders and attorneys, but these types of people often refer business your way.

Tap into the complimentary marketing resources offered by American Home Shield®. For example, AHS® offers a dynamic marketing automation tool that lets you build and send personalized marketing materials to your clients. The company also offers open house kits and other selling tools. Your knowledgeable AHS Account Executive will gladly work with you and share their industry expertise to help you build business and reach your goals. 


Once you gain listings, remember that your sellers can enjoy the benefits of an American Home Shield Home Warranty with the Seller Coverage Option*. For up to six months, until the coverage transfers to the buyers, sellers receive the advantages of the AHS ShieldEssentialSM plan while the home is on the market. ShieldEssential protection includes coverage for major components of the most crucial home systems that are the most expensive to repair or replace, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and more. American Home Shield can help streamline transactions for buyers, sellers and agents which may lead to new referrals – and new listings. 

*Subject to a $2,000 cap for all trades during the listing period.

AHS assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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