How to Finish Strong in Listings

You’ve listed a home for sale and are on the final stretch of the transaction, contract in hand and heading for the closing table. You’ve likely worked closely with the sellers, getting to know them as well as their goals and dreams. You may even know their family and friends, and you’ve hopefully started a relationship that will continue for many years to come. You’ve also probably put in a lot of hard work and valuable time into marketing and selling the property. Here are some tips for finishing the transaction strong.

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  • Help your clients prepare for the home inspection. This can be a stressful time for sellers, as a lot hinges on the inspection results. Prep your sellers on what to expect, whether they should be present, and how they need to prepare their home. For example, make sure the inspector has access to every area of the home and ask them to move any furniture, boxes, or other items that could impede examination. Give them an idea of how long the inspection might take, and when the report should be available.


  • Communicate with your clients regarding timelines and next steps. Things can happen quickly as a listing heads toward closing, so be sure that your clients know what to expect and when. If possible, put a timeline in writing and email it to them for reference. Send them reminders, too, when they have a deadline. Remember, they are likely prepping for a move as well as a house sale, so they may be overwhelmed and will appreciate your help.


  • Offer practical help with their move. Ask of they need referrals for a moving company, packing assistance, or other service providers. Give them a list of utilities and services that they need to have changed out of their name, including contact numbers. Take them boxes and packing tape, if you get a chance. Any support that you offer during a hectic move will be long remembered. 


  • You may want to present your clients with a closing gift as a gesture of appreciation for their business. Gifts don’t have to be big, but they should be thoughtful, such as a scented candle or a doormat for their new home, or a meal service for the busy days after they move in. Even if you don’t choose to send a gift, be sure to send a card thanking them for trusting you with their real estate needs.   


  • Make sure you have your clients’ new mailing address as well as any other contact information that changes with their move. You’ll want to stay in touch with them and hopefully serve them again someday as repeat clients.  


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