How to Ask for Feedback from Clients

As many successful real estate professionals understand, an agent’s job doesn’t have to end at the closing table. Staying in communication with clients post-closing can be beneficial for building relationships and for helping you understand how to serve future clients even better. That’s why many savvy agents ask clients to provide feedback on their real estate experience once the transaction is final.



Client feedback can help:

  • Pinpoint areas in which you could improve or where seeking additional training or experience could be beneficial
  • Underscore your biggest strengths so you can exercise and enhance them
  • Offer insight into how clients think and feel during transactions
  • Help keep open communication avenues between you and clients
  • Possibly provide testimonials to include in future marketing and communication efforts
  • Show clients that you truly care about them and their real estate experience
  • Keep you abreast of current issues that may concern clients


Asking for client feedback can be done in several different formats. You can send clients a questionnaire via mail or email and ask them to complete and return it. You can include a feedback link on your website. Or, you can take clients out for coffee or a meal and ask for feedback in person. Whatever format you choose, be sure to be consistent in requesting feedback and in doing it as soon as possible after the transaction.


You can ask for clients to grade or rank you in areas such as communication, responsiveness, market knowledge, industry expertise, and professionalism. Be sure to ask some open-ended questions, too, such as “Is there anything I could have done differently to serve you better?”, “What were your biggest concerns during the transaction?” and “What was the best part of your real estate experience?” At the end of your questionnaire or survey, find out if clients would recommend you to family and friends and if they’d use your services again.


Always follow up and thank clients for their feedback and time, even if the feedback isn’t as positive as you’d hoped. Let them know how you plan to use the information they’ve provided, and that you appreciate their responses. If you want to use their feedback or comments as testimonials on your website, social media, or in marketing materials, be sure to ask your client’s permission first.


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