Hang on to Past Clients

Each client is important — even previous ones. To help generate new business, maintaining relationships with previous clients may be one of your keys to success. Here are some reasons to maintain these connections and suggestions on how to make them stronger.

Thank you notes to clients

In the frequently crowded real estate market, maintaining a thriving client base is essential to the growth of your business. And while there’s no denying that winning new clients is crucial, strengthening your connections with past clients can be just as important.

Why maintain relationships with past clients?

Converting leads into actual clients can take a great deal of time and dedication. So once you’ve invested so much effort into building a relationship with a buyer or seller, why not keep in contact to see how you can help meet their future housing needs?

Just because a client has sold or purchased a property once doesn’t mean they won’t be looking to buy or sell again later. Here are just a few of the reasons why previous clients may need your services:

  • They are moving due to important life developments like career changes, family considerations or shifting priorities.
  • They are looking to purchase a second home or vacation property.
  • They are seeking future investment opportunities.

In addition to helping previous clients directly, you can also receive valuable referrals from past buyers or sellers. A successful transaction can mean a boost in your business, especially when previous clients offer their trusted opinions and references to friends, family and associates.

How to reconnect with past clients

Recognizing the value of your past buyers or sellers is just the first step in maintaining your connections with previous clients. Once you’ve selected whom to follow up with, here are a few ways you can reestablish and develop your relationships:

  • Notify past clients of recent sales or listings.
  • Send personalized postcards letting them know you’re still available to assist with their housing needs.
  • Mail cards for special occasions such as holidays or birthdays.
  • Distribute an email newsletter.
  • Follow up with thank you greetings.

You may also want to consider friendly reminders for other services you can assist with such as helping past clients protect their investments with an American Home Shield® Home Warranty Plan.


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