Get SMART in 2017: Goal Setting Tips for Real Estate Professionals

As you gear up for the new year, now is a good time to start preparing your 2017 goals. Here are some good tips for getting the most out of your next year.

Goals written on napkin

1. Start with Success

Often we leave success to the end of the goal-setting process. We assume that it’s baked in: when we achieve our goals, we achieve success.

Before you can even think about your goals, you need to really think about your own personal definition of success. Keep in mind that we all have different values; we’re all at different places in our careers and our lives. This means we all have different definitions of success.

When you have a good understanding of your own values, you’ll be able to set achievable goals toward your own definition of success, and you’ll be able to clear the path to your own happiness.

2. It’s Personal

Your professional success is not your sole source of happiness. When writing down your goals, give yourself the freedom to unload. Go ahead and write what you want until you can’t think of anything else you want. You’ll have time to edit, to make them more specific, to discover a path forward.

For now, allow yourself to explore your truth: what is your happiness?

3. Put Pen to Paper

When you’re planning out your goals, write them down. It’ll make them easier to organize—and easier to visualize. Then go about the editing process, making each goal more and more specific and creating a hierarchy.

Make it a habit to review your goals—and progress—regularly. Put a time on the calendar and schedule an appointment with yourself. Reviewing your goals will help keep you on track and allow you the flexibility of updating or amending your goals as situations change.

4. Get Real

Goals are meant to motivate, but if they’re unrealistic, they can discourage you.

Clearly define your goals in terms of what you want and when you want it. Be specific, as this will help with visualization. When accounting for when you want to achieve your goals, add “or sooner” to the end and realize that you have the power to achieve your goals on your time without holding yourself back because of specifics.

5. Find Flexibility

You only fail if you give up or stop trying, so remember that your goals can change as your life dictates.

More importantly, be flexible and creative with how you will try to achieve your goals. If the goalposts don’t move, you can still change your path. Be flexible and you’ll see progress.

6. Secure Your Support

Finally, make sure you don’t try to go it alone. Even from the very beginning of setting your goals, include the people in your life who matter: your family, friends, manager and mentors. They can help you clarify your goals, identify opportunities and keep you on track. Remember, AHS is also here for you to help you streamline your transactions and help you be successful with industry-leading home warranty coverage for you valued clients.

2017 can be your best year yet. Get there with clear goals and an open strategy.


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