Finding Your Specialty Niche

While you can succeed as a real estate generalist, specializing in certain types of properties, one type of client or a particular geographical area can set you apart you from your competition. Learn how to stand out by following these tips.


Becoming a real estate specialist means defining yourself as an expert. Make sure you are versed in the intricacies of your market, its properties, your buyers and more in order to build your reputation. says you won’t see immediate results, but specializing may be right for you if you’re tired of chasing leads and are aiming for long-term success. According to, these are some niches in which you can specialize:

• Condominiums
• First-Time Buyers
• Relocation
• Short Sales
• Investment Properties
• Resort & Vacation Properties
• Luxury Homes
You can also specialize in commercial buildings, farm and ranch properties, townhomes, historic or mobile homes.

When you choose a niche, you focus on a particular audience, and that makes marketing and branding easier. Knowing you’re marketing to seniors, medical professionals, ranchers, international investors or others helps you create more relevant messaging to build your business.

Another strategy, according to, is to look for an underserved community or group. cites the example of a longtime blogger and broker who chose golf course homes as his particular niche. He bought several URLs and wrote engaging content to build a successful following. He made connections—and sales.

As you get new clients, ask them how they found you. You’ll learn where you should be marketing and where to pursue new clients. suggests you follow your passion to find your niche. Network within the organizations that share your interests and to which you belong. Spread the word that you’re a niche expert, and your connections could become leads.

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