Feng Shui Staging Tips

If you’re looking to spice up staging strategies for your listings, you might consider incorporating some Feng Shui techniques. According Dictionary.com, Feng Shui is “the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.” While you may not have the time or the resources to apply every Feng Shui principle to each listing, here are some that are relatively easy to integrate:

Interior of a house using feng shui


Eliminate clutter. 

This tip is fairly straightforward --- remove any object that isn’t needed or that isn’t attractive. Clearing clutter can make rooms seem lighter and even larger in some instances. Items can be packed up and stored, donated, or discarded. Encourage your listing clients that, by dealing with clutter now, they’ll be a step ahead when it’s time to move.


If it’s broken, fix it.

In addition to being unsightly and adding to the clutter quotient of a home, Feng Shui subscribers believe that broken objects may actually become obstacles in life and cause undue stress. In the case of home systems and appliances, taking care of needed repairs or replacements now could potentially expedite the home inspection portion of a real estate transaction.


Keep the path to the front door clear.

Another easy principle to incorporate, an unobstructed entry is welcoming and peaceful. Move any furniture, rugs, or toys that block doors or people from entering the home easily and effortlessly.


Give guests a reason to pause.

A pretty view, a piece of art, or a comfortable chair can all offer visitors to the home a place to stop and soak in their surroundings. For prospective buyers, this break could be the beginning of thinking about the property as their potential future home.


Maximize natural light.

In addition to opening window treatments and turning on lights to flood rooms with brightness, Feng Shui uses mirrors to visually expand spaces. Position mirrors to reflect or highlight attractive images for maximum impact.


Whether you choose to incorporate Feng Shui techniques or take a more traditional approach to staging, one of the best ways to increase a listing’s appeal to potential buyers is to add an American Home Shield® Real Estate Home Warranty.  With coverage for the repair or replacement of many important system components and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear, AHS Home Warranties can offer welcome reassurance and important budget protection to buyers. AHS even offers a variety of plans and coverage options to fit your clients’ needs, making it easy to add this popular protection to each and every listing.  Contact your knowledgeable AHS Account Executive today to find out more about putting home warranty coverage at center stage for you and your clients.

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