Closing Gifts That Your Clients Will Love to Open

Real estate closings are definitely a time for celebration. Whether the road to the closing table has been smooth or bumpy, there’s likely a sense of accomplishment and relief when the final papers are signed. To mark the occasion, agents oftentimes choose to present a gesture of appreciation to the buyers. In addition to saying "thank you" and "congratulations," closing gifts can leave lasting impressions with buyers that can help turn short-term transactions into long-term relationships for the future.

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Closing gifts don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. Choosing something that reflects the personality of the buyers (and their stage of life), the home, and the location is more important than the monetary amount spent. Here are some ideas to think about:

Say “welcome home” with a gift for their new front door. A welcome mat with the buyer’s last initial or in colors that complement the home’s exterior would be a good choice, as would a mat that reflects the buyer’s favorite sports team or hobby. A wreath or door hanging would also make a great gift and help to spruce up the home’s entrance, as would a decorative pot or urn with a blooming plant inside.

It’s always exciting to see a new address in print, so consider a gift of personalized address labels, cards, or stationery. An address plaque for the outside of the home would also make a nice present.

Chances are that your buyers will be busy unpacking and setting up their kitchen for several days, and they probably won’t have time to grocery shop for a while. A meal subscription service would deliver the ingredients for a home cooked meal right to their door, enabling them to enjoy their new kitchen without making a trip to the store. Some meal delivery services offer discounts for first-time customers.

Tickets to a local sporting event will help newcomers start to feel like part of your town’s team and may provide a needed break from unpacking chores. Include a team hat, t-shirt, mug, or decal with the tickets for added fun.

A basket of local food specialties and gift cards would help relocating buyers get acquainted with the area’s regional offerings. Be sure to note on the card if you have any personal favorites.

A practical gift, such as an American Home Shield® Home Warranty, lets clients know that you care about them even after the deal closes. AHS® Home Warranty coverage offers new homeowners valuable protection and peace of mind by helping to ease the stress of worrying about unexpected expenses of covered home system breakdowns due to normal wear and tear. An AHS Home Warranty can also provide a valuable repair resource, especially when buyers are new to an area and don’t have many contacts. Coverage can also help reduce budget stress from potential undetectable, pre-existing conditions that may lead to covered failures.

Whether or not you choose to give a closing gift, be sure to stay in touch with your clients after closing. Call or text them after they get settled in to see how they are enjoying their new home. Stay in touch periodically to keep up with their lives and to let them know that they are friends as well as clients. 

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