Closing Gifts That Keep on Giving

A gift after closing is a nice way to say thank-you to clients and build the relationship. But what if you could make that gift work harder to keep you top-of-mind for referrals and future real estate needs? Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Closing gift ideas

Many real estate professionals provide clients with a thank you gift after closing. It’s a tried and true relationship tool that builds on the positive feelings of a closing to keep you top-of-mind for referrals and future home searches. It’s really up to you how much you want to spend, and in some cases, a small but thoughtful gift is perfect. But as a rule of thumb, 5% of your commission would be a generous amount to spend.

There’s nothing wrong with a gift card or bottle of wine, however a better strategy is a gift that is highly memorable and will be kept for a long time or something so useful that its value is greater than what you spend. Here are some creative ideas that will help you make a lasting impression.

Hang out in their kitchen

Do you have a special hot sauce recipe? Do you have a custom seasoning blend for your favorite recipe? Buy some empty glass or plastic containers and give these products a name that ties them clearly to you personally, such as “Rachael’s Burning Bayou Hot Sauce.” Then print your own labels with the memorable name to go on the jars (and you can even put your picture on the back). Then add a few recipes in a custom booklet with yourself on the cover, and you’ve got a tasty closing gift for clients who love to cook.

Monogram it and they’ll save it

There are numerous services online that allow you to purchase an item customized with text on it. Adding monograms, either with the last initial or versioned for each member of a couple, makes an item instantly more meaningful. Many online vendors offer this service for a variety of products so you can seek one out that is especially appealing to your client. For example, does their new home come with a pool? Then provide them a set of monogrammed pool towels. Do they particularly love the master bathroom of the new house? Monogrammed his and her bathrobes are a great gift. You can monogram key chains, mugs, a cutting board or custom designed pillows for a couch. (And, with some companies online, you can even customize the pillow tag). Monogramming helps make your gift personal and lasting. 

Personalized art they’ll put up

Taste varies, but when something is uniquely customized for the individual it’s far more likely to get put up on a wall. There are several websites dedicated to handmade or craft art, and there are also numerous artists online who will create original work. With a little bit of research, you can find something that will be a home run. Some examples of work you could have created for your clients are:

•    Embroidery of the family’s name and family portraits
•    Drawings, watercolor paintings or digital illustrations of their new home that could also be turned into cover art for stationary
•    Photographic images or illustrations of the family’s last name

One-of-a-kind yard creations

These don’t have to be expensive, but they are memorable. If they love having a backyard, then gift them a custom birdhouse that you can find designed online. Or an original stainless steel yard decoration made by an artist. You can even find beautiful yard décor made with stained glass! Know their taste and you can find an item they will display forever.

Subscriptions bring you to mind monthly!

We’re not talking about magazine subscriptions, which are rather forgettable, we mean highly engaging monthly subscriptions that your clients will actually interact with. There are so many subscription services to choose from that you can find something perfect for your client. With just a couple of google searches, you can find coffee subscriptions, wine club subscriptions or even book club subscriptions.  You could give them a filter subscription for their home so they always receive a brand-new HVAC filter and never forget to change it. The options are endless!

Help protect their home investment with a home warranty

Buying a home is a stressful and emotional process. Many of your clients are likely nervous about the risks and expense. You can provide them a feeling of security by gifting them the coverage of an American Home Shield® Home Warranty. Giving them the confidence that their budget is protected from unexpected covered breakdowns is a wonderful gift.


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