Why More Buyers are Seeking "Surban" Living

No longer content with exclusively suburban experiences, more homebuyers living outside of cities are increasingly seeking communities with more urban-style amenities. Learn more about the move toward “surban” living.

Suburban Living

Deemed by some as the “best of both worlds,” the combination of suburban and urban living is at the forefront of a growing number of homebuyers’ minds.

The phenomenon known as “surban” living has developed as growing numbers of suburban dwellers seek urban amenities in their communities.

This touch of urban in suburbia is characterized by vibrant downtowns or town squares featuring boutique businesses, diverse entertainment options and locally owned restaurants and retailers.

Why the growth of the “surban” mindset among buyers? For years, suburban living has been associated with perks such as spaciousness, safety and convenience. Such qualities were and still are considered desirable among many suburban homebuyers.

Yet a number of factors are promoting a mindset that goes beyond the traditional suburban draws. As more city dwellers, empty nesters and young professionals set their sights on suburban home ownership, the landscape of these communities is expanding nationwide to include more unique urban-esque offerings and experiences.

One of the hallmarks of “surban” living is inclusiveness — specifically, the idea that residents can live, play and work in the same community, without traveling to a destination in the city.

This sense of inclusiveness often features communal spaces with opportunities for shared activities such as gardening, yoga, team sports, cooking, family and pet socialization and more.

If surbanites do desire a trip to a nearby metropolitan area, more urbanized suburbs also offer convenient mass transit options that allow for travel to and from cities, without the need to drive.

Another surban characteristic is the increasing number of multifamily residences being constructed in suburbs that were once known for predominately single-family homes. This is resulting in more buyers seeking ownership of townhomes, condominiums, lofts and other multiunit living spaces.

If recent forecasts are any indication, the “surban” trend is expected to. increase as more people transition to suburban living. And as more homebuyers move toward the blended experience of suburban and urban living, look to American Home Shield® to help protect their budgets and their homes as they seek the best of both worlds.


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