3 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand in Real Estate

Crafting your personal brand can mean the difference between being a face in a crowd and really standing out as a valued resource. What are your points of difference? What are your best qualities and how are you communicating them? This article walks you through a series of exercises to help you identify and showcase your personal brand to your fullest advantage.

Building personal brand real estate

Today, consumers encounter more information across more platforms than ever before. So how do you cut through the clutter to capture the attention of current and potential clients with meaningful and lasting communications? A strong brand identity can be one of the most effective ways to solidify your message and let clients know what sets you apart from other real estate professionals.

Whether you work independently or with an agency, building your brand is an important professional investment. Here are some tips on successful brand creation for real estate pros.

Understanding personal branding

Personal branding is a marketing tool that aims to make you recognizable with visual elements and a unique voice. Together, these elements should communicate who you are and what your business is all about. A personal brand is also an important resource that can help you reinforce, promote and manage your professional reputation.

3 Steps to building a personal brand

1. Know who you want to reach

When creating your brand, it’s a good idea to understand your audience. Who are the clients you’d most like to reach? Once you decide this, think about these clients in detail; what are their characteristics, what motivates them to buy or sell property, and what is the best way to connect with them? Answering these questions is an important first step to developing your own brand.

2. Identify what makes you stand out

Another key series of brand-related questions centers on you. What makes you unique and how do you differentiate yourself from other professionals in the real estate field? Do you specialize in certain markets or clientele? What is important to you as a professional? Also, how are some of the best ways you help your clients achieve their housing goals?

3. Develop a consistent brand look

For a truly memorable brand that reaches across different kinds of marketing materials — including email, business cards, websites and brochures—impressive visuals are essential. And in order to create professional-looking visuals, chances are you may need the services of a pro designer. Reach out to friends in the field with eye-catching digital or print materials. They may be able to connect you with the right person to collaborate with on your logo, color scheme, photos, social media graphics, print designs and more.

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