Never Dwell on Your Mistakes. Learn From Them.

We all make mistakes. Life moves so quickly that it’s easy to trip up. Even the most seasoned real estate professionals display errors in judgment from time to time. Here's how to bounce back.

REP mistakes and how to bounce back

It’s human nature that when we make a mistake, we’re hard on ourselves. When we slip up, the “No one is perfect” axiom flies right out the window, yet this is actually an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. The key is to learn from these errors and then rebound successfully. Find out what some of these common mistakes are and learn how to avoid them.

Taking your clients for granted 

Obviously, this is not something you would do on a conscious level, but so many of us, when busy, run on autopilot and our good intentions fall by the wayside. To help you avoid this, always reply to clients’ calls and emails promptly. Try to maintain an upbeat, positive attitude, which will only strengthen their trust in you. And above all, always smile.

Not managing your energy level

Being busy is one thing. Running yourself into the ground is quite another. Because your clients always expect you to be “on,” it would be smart to invest quality time in activities you might not see as productive, like taking better care of yourself, for one. Eat right. Take some time to reflect. Create a regular exercise schedule — working out is a tremendous stress-buster.

Having a website that looks like everyone else’s 

Since your goal is to stand out from the competition, creating a unique look with relevant content is vital to a successful website.

- Set yourself apart in your local market by being different from everybody else. Establish yourself as THE local real estate expert in your area or city.
- Create a memorable, relevant and helpful website that is the go-to place for local real estate information.
- Find out what your competitors are writing about and write about unexplored subject areas.
- Present local market information using only solid statistics from reputable sources.
- Showcase community information. Incorporate neighborhood video tours, property videos, downloadable checklists, buyer guides and more.
- Add a personal touch with your team photos, testimonials, awards and affiliations, events, company news, and even those that you support.

Posting regularly 

Make it a habit to post a new article or blog once a week so that your subscribers and followers will continue to engage with you and your “brand.”

Failing to say “no.” Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, you’ll learn that a client is just not a good fit. New agents, especially, make this mistake as they are often desperate for a sale. Never cut your commission just to work with someone. So just say “no,” and save yourself a lot of undue stress.

The above tips should help you better navigate your career path by avoiding the most common mistakes made by pros, as well as novices in the real estate industry. And if you do make a slip-up—learn from it and move on.


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